HD 8570 & Windows Aero Problem

Hi all,

I've just built an Intel Core i7 950 based PC and fitted it with an ATI HD8570 graphics card: all running on Windows 7 Pro. On updating the graphic driver to the latest Radeon V 10-11 I've just noticed that I can't get Aero to run (ie: no glass effect etc). Windows tells me I need to upgrade my graphics card lol: yeah right!

Have did a few searches here for previous coverage of this issue and found nothing.

SooOOOoo, any ideas on how to get Windows Aero to run properly on my HD8570?

All meaningful contributions gratefully received :)

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  1. Ps: Sorry for the typo: of course that should have been HD5870 graphics card
  2. It seems that the HD 5870 does not support the "Aero" feature. I also have this card and Aero doesn´t work either.
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