Cpu overheat and shutdown

i have a dual core athlon x2 4800+ @ 2,5 GHz on a Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2 motherboardmn, 4 Gb RAM and ati 2400 hd gpu. problem is cpu overheats like crazy. while i'm writing this post the temperature is 30C (readings from everest). but if i'd go in a game, or install something, or do anything that uses a moderate amount of the CPU it will go in seconds to 60-70 and start to rise until hits 100-110 and goes into shutdown.
it's not the paste.. dust .. heatsink.. or whatever .. i've heard this 100 times .. cleaned . changed paste .. etc.
any solution? thanks
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  1. also psu : lpj9-23p @ 400W
  2. Which CPU cooler you have?
    Check out you chassis fan configuration.
  3. AC Freezer 64 Pro.
    i had this problem also with stock cooler and thought changing it would work. not

    "Check out you chassis fan configuration."
    what exactly should i do?
  4. Chassis fan configuration means,is fan at good position(intake,exhaust),RPM of fans?
    Check out your CPU cooler,is it properly fitted and clean.
  5. the fan configuration is fine. it's not the cooler.
  6. Thermal interface?
  7. thermaltake tg-2.
    it's not the cooler .. or the paste .. or the dust.. or anything like that.
  8. All is fine,so i think you should replace your cooler with new one.
  9. i have replaced the stock cooler .. why replace it again?
  10. Do you think this cooler is sufficient?
    Ok, do you try ever any spare coller instead this?
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