Processor requirements for HD, 1080p, Super hi res & high bit rate

What should I look for in processor to have a system with true:
a. Super high resolution/high bitrate video
b. HD video playback on Sandy Bridge systems
c. High bitrate 1080p videos

How are the above linked to mobo/chipset and monitor capabilities/specs ?
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  1. Instead of posting two replies in two topics, please read this link:

    By knowing this, we might be able to help you better for it seems you're trying to build a new system, but for what, I have no clue.
  2. Thanks for the link. Before moving on to pricing I'll need to freeze my requirements and components I want. And for that I'll first need to understand the meaning of specs/features and capabilities of the components and what they will achieve.

    The same questions have been posted in different threads and categories because each is linked to multiple components and I'd hate to land up buying a mismatched configuration eg. a processor having a particular capability/feature but the motherboard wont support it and vice versa.

    I'll post details of the my current system, applications I use, bottlenecks I'm facing now, my wish list and the features I'm looking for in a separate thread.

    Thanks again for responding and your help.
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