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High latency only in games

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September 27, 2010 9:18:37 AM

Hi there,

I am currently having problems with high ping in games and was just wondering if anyone had any clues on any potential fixes. Recently I have moved into a new house and have Virging Media 10Mb fibre optic broadband currently installed. I am connecting to the router using a Belkin 150n wireless USB adapter which reads the connection strength as full bars (although the router is in a room underneath me)

What currently happens is that if I play a game it will be in general ridiculously laggy or will have sudden spikes of lag. What is that if i ping servers using the steam desktop client under the 'servers' tab it will ping fine, generally under 30ms for all my favourite servers. However, if I enter a game such as Team Fortress 2 and then ping the servers the ping jumps to around 300ms-1500ms and sometimes they don't respond at all.

I used a netgraph and it has a high choke rate but I am not really clued up to what this means.

I have also used WLAN optimiser which hasn't done anything.

Does anyone know what may fix this? Could this be a port issue? Is it a problem with wireless gaming in general?

This computer worked fine on my old router with a wired connection a day ago so it's not viruses or the like.

Thanks alot to anyone that responds

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September 27, 2010 1:22:34 PM

Try forwarding the appropriate ports to your computer that you use for gaming:

You also need to make sure that the computer that you are forwarding the ports to has a static ip address. If you don't use a static ip when forwarding the ports, you will get a different ip when your dhcp is set to refresh and then the ports would still be forwarded to the original ip, which you don't have anymore.

September 27, 2010 9:24:52 PM

Thanks for the reply. I have forwarded all the ports but this doesn't seem to have done anything to alter it.

Anyone have any ideas? The key to this problem i think is that the steam client pings fine from the desktop but NOT in game, what could this mean?
October 1, 2010 2:17:50 PM

Check your firewall, make sure that steam and the games are listed as exceptions.