Which AM3+ board's don't need a bios update to run an AMD FX cpu?

Yesterday I bought an FX-8150,an ASUS Crosshair V motherboard,and an 8gb kit of Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1600mhz ram,and it does not work,i found out which bios version i had,and asked on the ASUS fourms about it,and someone said tihs"Its not working becasue you need BIOS 0813 or above for the FX-8150 to work.

Youll need to flash to version (1003 latest version) with a Supported CPU aka Phenom II etc., Then re-install the FX-8150"
I am going to call the store i got it from when a manager get there at 12:30 to see if they can do a bios update(i don't have an AM3 cpu lying around) for me,and see how much it costs,but if they can't or it will cost to much,i will just get a new mobo,but i would like to know which motherboards don't need a bios update to support the cpu i bought?,so i will know exactly what i need to do when i get to the store.

Thank you so much for the help.
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  1. Select your board and search the motherboard webpage for bios updates. If only one bios file is listed for the board, and your cpu is on the "cpu support" list, then you'll be safe.
  2. Yep, that's confirmed. IF your BIOS is pre-FX (Zambezi) then your choices are:
    1. Donor CPU - Sempron 140 or Sempron 145 ; cheapest supported CPU with lowest BIOS version.
    2. Send MOBO to ASUS and they'll update the BIOS ; 2+ weeks
    3. Borrow non-FX AMD CPU or go to a Computer Shop.

    edit: Part 2 - NO MOBO with pre-FX BIOS will run any AM3+ CPU (Zambezi).
  3. Well i called them they said they could do a bios update,but when i got there they told that they would charge me $39 to do it,and i would have to leave it overnight,and i live 50 miles away,so that was not an option,i returned the cpu,and mobo,and was looking at the intel mobo's,when the guy who helped my find the cpu & mobo last night,saw me i told him what happened,and one of the other guys working there overheard us and told that they recently gotten a mobo that was FX ready,i looked at it,and the box it is the sabertooth 990FX and on the box it said AMD FX ready,so i got it and another 8150 lol,and they let me install the stuff there so we could test it there,and......it works aand i'm home now,and about to start testing games,can you suggest any that would show a big diff over my last cpu and ram(q9450,4gb of ddr2 800)?
  4. Not sure what you mean by "an you suggest any that would show a big diff over my last..."? Besides the CPU and MOBO, the FX runs DDR3-1866 RAM so at least 2x4GB, fast GPU is gaming, GTX 570/580 if using Adobe Premiere (lots of RAM maybe 4x4GB Kit), SSD's make all the difference, so it depends on: 1. Use, and 2. Budget.

    The problem you had will soon not be a problem as older AM3+ stock is sold-out and new replacements arrive. Obviously, you got a MOBO that's been sitting on the self -- a newer (same) MOBO won't have the problems of the FX. My suggestion was to get a Sempron 140 or Sempron 145 and do it yourself -- a Sempron 145 sells for $40.
  5. Well i saved enough money getting the other mobo, that i was able to get a hyper 212+ cooler instead of the using the stock cooler.
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