Changing Ram Voltages on a Dell Poweredge 1950 to operate at 1.5V

Hi Guys,

Before you read on, please note I dont know much about servers, hence the stupid questions.

Im in a bit of a situation here. I've suppplied some Fully Buffered ECC registered Ram to my client, for his Dell Poweredge 1950 server. The modules I suppied were 4GB Micron ones. Unfortunately when he got them he tried them and no post completely. The ram is from a working source so no issues whther they work. Got me thinking why wont they work.

Went to the crucial webiste and type in dell poweredge 1950, resuls cam back with compatible ram, Ram looked the same apart from Voltage.

The model number is MT36GTF51272FY-667ED2D.

I did the obvious thing and contacted Micron to ask if they are compatible and I got a reply saying they were.

I did mention and tell them that one the Crucial website it lists modules that have a voltage of 1.8v, these modules are rated at 1.5V, to which they did not give a definitive answer.

Im assuming here and its a big assumption that the Ram Voltages have got something to do with it. I know nothing about servers and if the Voltages can be changed or not.

I would have asked Dell but I dont have a service tag to enter because I dont have a server.

Any help would be appreciated
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