Graphics Card or CPU?

Hi guys,

When I play any game with 3d graphics such as SC2, Codmw2, black ops etc, my screen will flash or freeze, go to Blake or grey screen then do one of three things, either come back to the game, freeze completely (and require restart) or the game will crash and I'll go back to home screen. In either of these cases I get a 4101 display error in Ati console, Graphics driver has stopped responding and has recovered.

My Specs are as follows:

Case: Antec 1200
Mobo: Asus Crosshair III ROG Edition
CPU: Phenom II X4 945 (unlocked all 4 cores)
Cpu Cooler: AC Freezer pro 64
OS: Win 7 64 bit Home Premium
Memory: G-skill ddr3 1333 2x2 gigs
Hard Drive: Samsung spinpoint f3 1t
Graphics Card: Diamond Radeon HD 5770
CD drive: Lite on
Monitor: Hanns G 28"
Keyboard: Microsoft ultra thin illuminated Keyboard
Mouse: logitech MX 518

So I've had this problem for a year now, and over the course of that time I've tried almost every possible solution instead of the following:

Buying a new CPU.

Buying New + Different Memory. (more memory the solution maybe?)

Buying new Hard Drive. (Idk a virus got in it somehow. Right off the bat though? I don't think so)

Buying New + Different Mobo.

Getting a new OS.

A short list of what I've already done:
Sent in my 5770 to be examined by Diamond MM, (no problems they said)
Bought and installed a new Graphics card (Nvidia 9800 gtx+)
Replaced all my memory with the same type.
Bought a new PSU TX850w Corsair.
Bought a new CPU Fan Cooler.
Tried every variation of system settings and program tools.
Installed and uninstalled (correctly) every ATI driver from 9/11-10/11
Tried every version of Bios for my Mobo.
Sent it into supposed experts (all they did was download all the graphics drivers for ati and told me to try each one, which I had already done.)
Re-install Win 7 64 (twice)

So all I'm left with is the last five things which I stated in the beginning.
My question to everyone here is which do you think I should try if not all or if I have something else to try?
I'm open to the possibility that both my graphics cards are broken but I'm thinking their fine and it's some other issue.

So any help would be great.
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  1. Did you try or have you updated your MOBO Bios and are you up to date with all the Windows drivers and mobo drivers ?
  2. Thank you so much for the suggestions. Yes I've tried updating the mobo drivers and bios's, I've also run memtest 86, and am now running cinebench for the cpu.

    Issue occures with both graphics cards, I'm almost certain it's some other issue and not the graphics cards themselves.
  3. Quote:
    switch to nVidia...

    I already did, and the issue hasn't changed, if anything it got worse.
    Did you even read the article?
  4. If you are having the same issue with both cards chances are that there is something else wrong with your machine such as a defective board, psu, or even a very bad windows instillation.
  5. Update: I took out my sound card and that seemed to improve stability greatly, I even went 3 full games of SC2 with no crashes or freezing, which I've never done since buying the game when It came out.
  6. How do I turn off my mobo sound options, I don't have intigrated sound, just the sound card itself.
  7. Here's an update:
    I ran memtest and it passed 24 times lol, so I'm sure it's not my memory now.

    Also I do have system builders Win 7 64bit dunno if that matters, I read it didn't but who knows?

    If I buy a new graphics card, lets say the Nvidia GTX 470 and this problem persists is the cpu my next step to replace or the mobo?

    Thanks a lot for all the help thus far guys, it's very much appreciated.
  8. Even more interesting, I just ran Prime 95 and as soon as I did my computer went to Black screen and restarted, how did this happen, what could it mean? Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!
  9. It's a long shot but have you put all of your components into a different case? Maybe the case is shorting out something on the mobo(s)?

    I had a friend who built her machine in an Antec 1200 and it shorted out three consecutive mobos before she figured out that was the problem. Get a Thermaltake Spedo Advance, best case I've ever owned or worked on. :D
  10. I had the 2, and unlocked to 4,
    I added some more voltage to the cpu and it allows me to run prime 95 for a while, and my games run a bit longer now, I don't know how far i should push it, it's a 1.41 now, should i increase anything else like the frequency or something? Thanks.

    by the way it's a amd phenom 2 x4 945
  11. What was the original CPU before the X4??
  12. how do i re-lock the cores? I've been upping the power to the cpu, it's at 1.35 now, thats one/tenth below yellow line on the suggested input.

    Can this really be the cause of my gpu failure with tdr's? If I up the power to the cpu should i also up the ram frequency or something else?

    How do I monitor my temps when my pc shuts down? is there software that records that info, right up to the point of shut down?
  13. Alright so I followed your suggestions and prime 95 ran for 22 hours no errors or warnings, thats great! Thanks for the advice...

    However My computer still locks up and freezes in games, so my next move will be to upgrade to a new graphics card, any suggestions for a card or cards for my asus crosshair 3?

    And if that fails I guess all that's left is motherboard incompatibility with my hardware, or perhaps my screen, possibly? I heard something like this can happen.
  14. Stock ii x2
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