$800-1000CDN Photo Editing PC

Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP

Budget Range: 900-1100$ CDN (the less the better) 1100=max with taxes if possible

System Usage from Most to Least Important: editing/compiling digital pictures, burning DVDs (movies), surfing, general purposes.

Parts Not Required: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country of Origin: Canada

Parts Preferences: Whatever you recommend (was looking at SB but it just got recalled so I have no clue? Should I wait till they re-launch?)

Overclocking: No (well prob not its a PC for my dad)

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: hes currently on a 19" 1280x1024 but he may upgrade one day he likes what he has. But if nething hell upgrade one day or Ill give him my 22" 1680x1050 and ill grab a new one. (so assume its 1920x1080)

Additional Comments: This is a PC for my father...he uses it to edit pictures (almost professional grade) and rip movies and such. listen to music, conference calls etc for work. I assume he needs a discrete GPU but a very basic one. Otherwise im open to all builds/recommendations.
HE DOES need win 7 64bit.
Also he currently has a PC with a harddrive (the current primary drive) and he has files/programs on it that he wants to keep. I know the files he can keep easily by using this drive as a secondary drive and then copying the files onto the new drive and formatting the old drive (this is what I did on my PC) however is there ANY way he can keep the programs from his old drive (he does want a new hard drive)

he uses Photoshop Elements and Adobe CS5 i think or some other adobe photo editing program

i heard the only way to keep his old program is to run the old HDD in a dual boot mode as the 2nd OS which he has no problems doing. (i just have no clue how to do it so advice is fine)

my main questions

1) for him an i5 750 or an AMD Build is better (he doesnt care 100% either just not sure which is better bang for his buck for his needs)

2) What kinda GPU does he need

3) Suggestions for a PSU on a build like this? (i personally prefer semi-modular as I will be building the PC and i like cable management)

4) 4gb of RAM enough at 1600mhz?
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  1. top still need some help?

    suggestions? Should i get a i5 750/760? or like a Phenom II X4 or X6? advantages/disadvantages of either for his purposes (I have a Phenom II X4 955 OCd to like 3.8ghz and loving it!)
  2. jasonp12 said:

    Monitor Resolution: hes currently on a 19" 1280x1024
    he uses it to edit pictures (almost professional grade)
    I think you want to handle this right now. 1280x1024 and pro grade photo editing not go together.
    And I think your budget will stretch that far with a new i5-760 setup. What editing software is he using?
  3. mainly photoshop i believe....not 100% sure any help is appreciated. If you can make a build with a monitor in that budget then please do he'd be happy!
    im more used to reading up on gamging rigs and such so i know which CPUS/MOBO combos are good etc. (in which case a Phenom II X4 would be perfect but for him i duno if an i5 is better or a 1090 or 1055t?) also what GPU would he need and size of a PSU (im more knowledgeable about PSUS 750w and higher not so much on lower end.
  4. ohh yah its SEMI pro photo editing not professional
  5. ohh and any advice on his harddrive/software question/dilemma?
  6. What OS is he using now? XP or VIsta?
  7. hes on Vista 32bit :/
  8. if you can also suggest a build or at least what is better i can make the build myself

    only things im not sure on for his uses

    1) Intel vs. AMD (intel is obviously an i5 750....but if AMD which AMD a Phenom II X4 or an X6 and if x6 which x6?)

    2) MOBO pretty simple i think (just a standard mobo with the basics should do it

    3) 4gb of RAM should be plenty?

    4) What GPU does he need?

    5) What kinda PSU will he need? (im pretty sure a 750w is gonna be overkill? though there arent many modular PSU's as smaller sizes)
  9. With Vista you can do an in-place upgrade - but only to Win7 32bit 32bit to 32bit.
    For Win7 64bit you'd need to do a clean install, or a dual boot setup using the current 32bit HDD as the 2nd OS.
  10. What kind of case do you think he'd like? Is size an issue?
    A micro-ATX build could give him extra room for that big monitor I'm picking out.
    He will have room for a 23-24" LCD monitor?
  11. Is he a LED light and Alien type of case guy?
  12. 1)na no LEDs thats forsure as for case size i dont think he cares that much at for monitor...i gitta check but he shuold be fine with 22-24" but he may not be used to it so a 20-22 may be better for him so long as its HD LOL?

    worst case I can give him my 22" LG (its like 2 years old a W2242TQ) its only 1680x1050 and upgrade mine if need be but i only got room for a 22" max.

    2) how do you do a dual boot setup with his current HDD as the 2nd OS is it complicated or hard? I am an amateur builder
  13. Ok i found out

    he uses Photoshop Elements and Adobe CS5 i think or CSB he said something like that lol... (these can be installed he has the discs)

    hes fine with getting a new for the dual boot hes cool with doing that he just has a FEW older programs on his old HDD with vista 32bit that he will rarely use but still wants to use (and doesnt have the download files or install discs anymore) he is also ok with have a dual monitor setup by keeping his old 19" LCD if need be and using that to boot the 2nd OS (if that helps at all?)
  14. Intel Core i5-760 Lynnfield 2.8GHz 8MB L3 Quad-Core CPU $210

    GIGABYTE GA-H55M-S2V LGA 1156 H55 Micro ATX Motherboard $85

    G.SKILL Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 1600 RAM $54

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s HDD $50

    ZOTAC GeForce GT 430 (Fermi) 1GB PCI-E $80 $20 rebate

    LITE-ON 24x DVD burner $16

    CORSAIR CX430 CMPSU-430CX 430W Power Supply $45 $10 rebate

    Antec Three Hundred Mid Tower Computer $70

    Windows 7 32bit OS $110

    LG W2343T-PF 23" widescreen 1920x1080 LCD Monitor $200

    Crucial RealSSD C300 2.5" 64GB SSD $130

    $1050 & $30 rebates - that might stay under $1100 with tax and shipping.
    And there are probably ways to trim the cost a bit once you figure out the tax and shipping.
  15. Setting up a dual boot Win7 64bit / Vista 32bit option will be easy. There is a good guide to lead you through it.
    Just the one monitor is fine - you won't need a 2nd monitor for a dual boot system. It's just one OS at time... you can pick the OS at boot up or have it wait a few seconds, then go on and boot the default OS (probably Win7).
  16. ahh ok if you can find me the guide that would be great!

    your build is almost 100% identical to the one I chose except I had a bit bigger PSU (550w Rosewell at 80+) and a Samsung Spinpoint 1TB HDD.

    anyways that helps a lot so that kinda GPU would be fine? something around the 100$ Price Point

    also my build was an AMD....any suggestions of whats the advantages for him between

    an i5 vs. X4 vs. and x6? i know the i5 is faster then the X4 but for nearly 50$ Less is it worth it (cuz i know for gaming it is not) and what about the X6 I dont know much about them if X6 is an option which X6?
  17. ahh that seems simple as hell....but his OS is already installed on another disc so techincally i wont need to do anything at all? it should already be there...all i will need to do is install 7 onto the new HDD?
  18. AMD Phenom II X6 1075T vs Core i5-760 from the same site. There are more benchs to look at. I just a few at the top.

  19. yah i know the i5 is the better CPU but is it worth the 50-60$ price range over say an X4 for his purposes?
  20. Since you'll be moving the Vista 32 OS out of the old machine and into the new one - it won't have the correct drivers installed for Vista/new PC. You'll be able to do a repair install and get the right drivers for the new hardware.

    You'll want to install the OS (and photoshop or other editing programs) on the SSD if you buy that...or on the new HDD if you dont. If you skip the SSD get the 1TB model. Either Samsung Spinpoint of the Seagate will be fine.
    Do the install with just the boot disk in at first.
    Then install the old HDD or follow the guide.
  21. I believe it is.
  22. What are the taxes and shipping charges?
  23. taxes are 13% and the shipping isnt bad....i just use as a reference and order from them if the deals are better but it looks like tigerdirect has the same prices (and i got a brick/mortar store right by my house) so i can save on some prices by getting them there.

    so you say the i5 is worth the 60$ extra...i5 is 199.99 at tiger and the 965BE is 149.99


    for the dual boot it seems simple
    step 1) build new computer install components/new HDD (wont be getting SSD)(leave old HDD out for now?)
    step 2) install windows 7 on new HDD
    step 3) install all current drivers/updates and programs that need to go on new HDD (like photoshop etc)
    step 4) insert old HDD into the case and then run a repair on it with the Vista install disc?
    step 5) that should be all?
  24. And use the price matching sites.
    Without the SSD you can just follow the guide I linked.
  25. Since you have a bit more room in your budget an after market CPU is good idea I think.
    COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus CPU cooler $30
  26. looking at that guide it doesnt clearly state what to do in a NEW build but yah lol
  27. You can actually skip the install guide.
    Build the new system and install Win7.
    Get it up and running stable and sweet.

    Then visit the Windows 7 forum and ask there how to dual boot with the old Vista HDD.
    You can just install the HDD and use EasyBCD to modify the Win7 disk bootloader to include the Vista HDD boot option.
    Boot up again and chose Vista and when it complains about the bad drivers do a 'repair install' of Vista.
  28. ahh sounds super simple....

    now to help we are gonna go with the BEST budget/priced stuff we can get at the tiger brick/mortar store...

    but what is a bareline minimum for the GPU and the PSU do you think?

    i was looking at either a GTS 450 or an HD 5770 (both around 100-110$ After rebates) however he may wanna go cheaper and if so like the GTS 430 (whats the AMD equivalent) And either way will he notice a diff between a GTS 450 and say a 430?

    with that in mind what kinda PSU does he need? is 450w enough or should we opt for say 500-600? (i will be getting him an 80plus cert PSU)
  29. You can actually go with onboard graphics, but you'll end up loosing any Cuda support.

    It's unlikely he'll notice the difference between GT 430 (96 steam processors/Cuda cores) vs GTS 450 (192 steam processors/Cuda cores). If he was working on long HD video home movies it would make more sense to go with more cores for that task.
    Go with the less expensive option.

    PSU selection is based on the GPU.
    GT 430? A good 350watts PSU is more than enough.
    GTS 450? 400W+ with a 12V current rating of 22A or greater and a 6pin PCI-e power connector.
    AMD/ATI GPUs do not have 'cuda cores'.
  30. ahh so AMD/ATI is 100% useless for him

    if nething get a Nvidia and thats it/thats all so basically a GTS 430 is plenty THANKS!
  31. It's not useless at all. It's just that the GT 430 had more options for Cuda 'enabled software.
    ATI Stream is the equivalent GPGPU

    Cuda vs Stream
  32. so for his needs tho basically the ATI/AMD are pointless was my point i know AMD/ATI make great cards (i love my 6850! im actually an ATI fanboy!)

  33. To answer that for sure you'd need to research the CUDA/Stream support options for the software he'll be using.
  34. jasonp12 said:
    im actually an ATI fanboy!
    I never would have guessed.
    And there is nothing wrong with going AMD, but if you do go with X4 965 and not X6 1075.
  35. hehe as for the CPU well be going with whatevers a better deal my concern was moreso the GPU as i didnt know what was better for him
  36. I'd say the X6 1090 would be OK in place of the X4 965 - at some point clock speed matter a bit more than extra cores.
  37. well from the look of prices unless things go on special its gonna be either and i5 760 and a phenom II X4 (the X6 1090 is more then the 760 and has no SUPER advantage for him so not worth the extra 40$ it is over the 760)

    i cant find much info whether his programs actually support CUDA or Stream...any idea?
  38. ok so this is what we ended up with

    AMD Phenom II X4 955BE $149
    Gigabyte Micro ATX 880g MOBO(with USB 3.0 ports) 89$
    Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 60$ (also come with a 15$MIR)
    CM 334 Case 55$
    Samsung Burner 20$
    PNY 2x2gb 1600mhz with 7 timings 53$ (this was a steal)
    EVGA GTS 450 GPU Superclocked 129$ (comes with 30$MIR)
    Corsair 650tx 90$ (this was overkill but he wanted a good PSU.... and only one in stock)
    Win 7 64bit 99$
    Viewsonic 23" LED 1080p Monitor 169 on sale (regular 229)

    913 without rebates 868 with rebates

    how we do?
  39. Best answer
    Besides being the only one is stock the Corsair 650tx is a really good PSU.
    If his current software doesn't support CUDA / Stream his next versions might.
    Changing out a video card IF that support is something he wants is not a major issue.
    Did someone sneak a GTS 450 gaming card into the build? ;)

    On budget with a powerful system. That is always a good result.
    Just make sure your Dad gets the new 23" full HD monitor!
  40. we did its the last one! the Viewsonic 23" LED hehe

    and yah i got him a GTS 450 (i said get the 430 but he wanted a 450 soo lol)
  41. Best answer selected by jasonp12.
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