ATI HD 4800 Series Overheating

I just like some advice on if I should place new thermal paste on my graphic's card's heatsink. My graphics card has been steadily going up in temperature since a few months ago. Actually, the GPU's fan has been making sound, that "rrrrrr" noise. It's on and off, but I feel like the fan has gotten less efficient at cooling the GPU down.
It used to be able to keep it at 60 under load, now its going at 80 and doing that "electro-jabbawhatwhat". It's bad that's all I know lol. I had to clock back to standard settings to keep the card at 63.
My graphic's card is ATI Radeon HD 4800 series. It doesn't tell me which of the 4800 series, it just says 4800 series. I've tried multiple programs to find out what is it. I've been trying to replace my fan, but I haven't been able to find a new one. So instead I'm asking about thermal paste.
Or if there is any way to get a new fan, or cool my GPU anymore. Much appreciated.

- Matt
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  1. You should be able to tell what card you have based on the original clock speed. If that fails, look it up in device manager or try gpu-z.
    You could check for dust inside the case, use some compressed air to blow it out, check to see if the heatsink is coming off the pcb. 80 is not a bad temperature for those cards, but if it's risen that far already it probably won't stop unless you fix the problem.
  2. Hmm thermal issues, a card can still overheat and become unstable if other components other than the gpu. Go ahead with the new compound as most stock compounds quickly degrade after a few months of use. Second blast away any dust there is in the cooler and you can take a small brush to rub away the dust the fan (be easy on it) and then you can run it at more comfortable speeds.
  3. Thanks, I'll come back with results.
    I'll try replacing the thermal.

    Also, I've used Gpu-Z. Still says HD-4800 series. However, I've done what you asked and I checked all the cards for the
    GPU standard clock settings: at 750 mHz
    Memmory clock setting at: 900 mHz

    None of the cards match it. If you could help me find my card, you'd be a real big help.

    Forgot to mentioned I cleaned the inside thorougly a week ago with compressed air.
  4. Thats 4870 clocks, does your card look like this?

    You could try this, but that does sound like a dying fan so software and TIM shouldn't help much. Technically you can get something like this:
  5. I have a radeon hd 4800 series as well and it tends to run at 75 degrees C at idle. I have a dell xps studio 435mt however with absolutely terrible cooling so even my cpu runs hot at around 80 C under load. EDIT: Under load my gpu hits 115C and then thermal throttling kicks in.
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