Ati 5870 crashing

Just put in a 5870 in my pc and the games are crashing. Heres my specs

Win 7
i7 920
500gb hd
6bg Ram
regular cd disk drive
800 watt power supply.

not a power issue is it?? Why am I having this problem?

Oh, and I got some weird white boxes all over before a crashed a few times
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  1. Did you remove your old VC drivers and install the new Drivers for the HD 5870 ?
  2. Hey sry. was rearranging the power. Yes i did
  3. Still not working. Oh, and my mobo is Asus P6T Se
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    What brand and model is your psu? Inspect the card and cable connections for obvious defects such as burn marks or missing resistors on the card. If it all looks ok and you have tried swapping the cables around then chances are that your card is DOA (dead on arrival)
  5. swapping cables once again. See if it works. My psu is an antec quattro 850 watts. How can i tell if my PCIe is in 16x lane mode? its in the corrects 16x slot, but can you change modes back and forth on the?
  6. The only way to know is to refer to the manual for your board and if the card is booting at all then load up gpuz and the first screen that you will see will tell you which mode that it is working in.
  7. Ok I see. Its running at x16 so thats no the prob. changed cables, now uninstalled and reinstalling just the 10.7 drivers. See if that works..... btw how do you start a game in widowed mode? whats the hotkey? forgot lol. ctrl esp enter? no?
  8. In many games there is a option for windowed mode in their settings menu. I never use hot keys or combination except for the usual to keep thing simple.
  9. Alright its working now! Idk if its the power cables or the 10.7 drivers. Thanks for tryin to help guys!
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