8800 gt is 350W enough?

Hello,im new here and im planning
on buying a palit 8800 gt, is 350W enough??what will happen to my pc
if i install it with 350W psu?
my specs:
amd athlon x64 245 3.04 ghz
emx 785g-fxn (mobo)
350W psu
2 gb ram
and also is it good to buy an Nvidia card for my system?
sorry for so many questions.
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  1. We would need to know the brand and model of the power supply to tell you anything. You can find this on a chart on the side of the PSU when you open the computer.
    Intel doesn't make video cards so I'm not sure what you are asking with your second question.
  2. where can i find the "18a on its 12v rail"..
    and yes i imean Nvidia card.
  3. An Nvidia card will be fine if your PSU can handle it. The amperage of the +12v rail can be found on the chart I mentioned earlier.
  4. can my pc run crysis on medium settings if i install 8800gt?
  5. yes im in asia specifically in the phillipines..and no its not a Dell pc,
    i bought the parts with a limited budget .....
  6. my power supply is P4-350w..
    it says 15a 12v i dont know what it means but
    is it enough for a 8800 gt?
  7. no 12v2?

    sounds like a pretty cheap PSU, i would not try the 8800GT on it
  8. The 8800 GT will draw a maximum of 8.75 Amps from the +12 Volt rail. NVIDIA recommends at least a 400 Watt power supply.
  9. Yeah, that PSU is a bit too weak for that card.
  10. considering i have a good enough power supply will it bottleneck my cpu?
  11. You have an Athlon II x2 245 right? If so that should be fine for current games for the most part although an overclock wouldn't hurt.
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  13. thnx 2 all
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