What parts can I buy now while i wait for Sandy bridge

I have decided im going to stick with sandy bridge and just tough it out until april / may but I have to get the computer before july.

I want to get good deals so i want to buy parts as they have rebates / sales / free shipping / etc

What parts are safe to buy and hang onto while i wait?
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  1. I'm assuming the case and power supply are probably safe, along with the memory. Maybe not the gpu?
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    I've seen many others in this forum advise that it's best to wait and buy all components at once.

    To some degree I would agree, especially with the main components. I would suggest you NOT buy motherboard, processor (not an issue, since you're waiting for Sandy Bridge anyway), graphics/video card (these fluctuate in price so often, you should wait until you're ready to use it), RAM (same with fluctuating prices), and hard disks (ditto).

    I would say "safe" components to purchase ahead of time (in the couple month timeframe) would be: peripherals (kb/mouse/cardreaders/speakers), sound cards, cd/dvd drives (unless you're looking for anything blueray), and display (if you find a good deal). Also, cabling doesn't tend to change all that much (SATA cables, etc), and for that matter, fans and heat sinks.

    Hope this helps you out; good luck with your build!

    I enjoyed having a projected planned list, and going back every month and adjusting the parts every month based on newegg and amazon and tigerdirect. I was amazed by the difference from November to January in terms of how much more my money got me in just a few short months.

    To give you an idea, better processor, cheaper hard drive, cheaper ram, cheaper and better motherboard, more expensive graphics card (upgraded to GTX580).
  3. As for the GPU, both Nvidia and AMD have not released their multiple GPU cards yet. However if you aren't planning on paying a ton of money for the best card, it should be pretty safe to buy now considering that their new product lines are out. I know amd has a good selection of new cards with their 6000 series. Nvidia's only new card is the 580 i think. (580 is a sweet card).

    That is if you can find a sweet deal
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