Is asus P7H55D-M pro worth?

is asus P7H55D-M PRO worth with
intel core i3 540 and 530????? Which cost effective graphic card wuld be enough to play quality games on this configuration???? Plz help as im planning to buy a pc soon!! Plz reply soon coz im a newbie and a great fan of tom's hardware!
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  1. well its an h55 chipset so that means its "last gen" (differences here but you should also be able to get it for a good price because of that. It has 4 dimms for up to 16 gb of ram which is plenty for now and the future. Im a little worried about the idea of a micro atx with this much stuff on it but that's up to you. Your best low budget/high performance video card would be an AMD 6850 or (if even lower budget) a 5770... If youre an nvidia fan the 550ti is right in the middle of those two amd cards price wise (and performance wise).

    all in all getting a dual core right now is almost hamstringing yourself if you want to game. If you plan on upgrading in a year or so then you're fine but if you want this system to last a few years you should look at quad cores (and yes I know the i3 has HT).
  2. Welcome! It would make a nice budget rig with a mid range GPU in the range of HD5770-HD6870 or GTS450-GTX560Ti.
    It has to cost less than a I3 2100 LGA1155 setup that is better performance wise.
  3. I love the 5870.The price has dropped and i plan to get one for an eyefinity.
  4. i really appreciate ur help folks but im stripped off with cash..should core i3 540 be good to go with basic ASUS P7H55 or GIGABYTE GA-P55 UD3R? Or shuld i try amd athlon or phenom to get integrated graphics to save on graphic card or i3 540 do the job of efficiency in long run? One more thing...does the core i3 cpu have some integrated graphics?
  6. whats with core i2100 model than core i540??? Which one is better????
  7. If you are planning on doing gaming then do not rely on integrated graphics they are much worse than many GPU's in the $50-$100 price range.
  8. hotdev said:
    whats with core i2100 model than core i540??? Which one is better????

    I3 2100
  9. gotta say rolli59 buddy....powerhouse info u got..! So u basically saying its really worth putting little extra for core i3 2100 model?? U just help me with one last god damn thing thats killing me and that is motherboard??? Just tell me the basic and cost effective combination with 2100 u wuld put? Asus or gigabyte or something else? plz specify that model which is mimimum and cost effective to run smoothly for core i3 540 and 2100
  10. really appreciate ur help dude....eagerly waiting for ur reply!
  11. whats your budget? Maybe we can recommend something really good for a specific budget. Be patient, rushing on a buy like this might end with undesired results.
  12. Asus or Gigabyte boards H67 or H61 chipsets would be a good bases for a 2100 rig
  13. 100 dollars...maybe slight up down wuld do!
  14. asus h67 or gigabyte 61 chipsets??? I knw im dumb coz im newbie but ill really appreciate if u specify the models name in home town is chicago but reside in india so the market out here really needs details
  15. maverick knight said:
    whats your budget? Maybe we can recommend something really good for a specific budget. Be patient, rushing on a buy like this might end with undesired results.

    100 dollars if u saying h67 or h61 chipsets plz plz specify complete model names coz my market place is dumb like me
  16. If your depending on whats available at the store then you have to get whatever can fit your budget. H67 is ATX form factor so a normal case is fine. H61 is for small form factor cases. But all second generation ix cores should fit fine.
  17. I correct myself. H61 could fit in any case, but your limited on components you can fit in. For a budget build is really good.
  18. but are there few h67 chipsets for around 100 dollars available coz thats like 5000 rupees out here! Coz asus p7h55 costs around 100 dollars..! I shuld turn that down and go for h67 chipsets??? Right???
  19. you should definatelly go with h67 if the prize is the same.
  20. so h61 better than h67 chipsets???
  21. go with h67 if they have it and then get the i3 2100. you should be fine for future upgrades
  22. no is not exactly better, but is cheaper. If h67 can fit your budget then get it, otherwise get h61. the core 13 2100 will fit on both
  23. thanx dude helped a life wuld a litle easier if u give some good examples of h67 chipsets plz bro...!
  24. with their complete models names coz here its tough to catch an original and a fake one....! I just dont want to end up picking up just any h67 chipset
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    try this, asus p8p67, Gigabyte GA-P67A, MSI P67A

    make sure they are revision 3 or B3 label somewhere in the box.
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