Motherboard/Videocard compatibility

I'm currently running a:

M3A78-T Mother board
AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+ processor
ATI radeon HD 3300 integrated video card
3 gigs of ram
With a 500watt power supply
On windows XP Professional Ver. 2002 Service Pack 3

My question is if its compatible or able to use an: Nvidia Geforce GT440 IG8 DDR3 graphics card.

And if it is compatible is there a specific way to hook it up? Because plugging it in results in both the integrated card and that card giving me no input signal :/ any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Plugging in any discrete/stand alone video card is going to disable the on-board/integrated video card. In other words, you can use one or the other with this set up.

    There are hybrid crossfire options, but not with an ATI on-board GPU and an discrete Nvidia GPU.

    Your best bet is to just go with one or the other, I recommend the stand alone card. Performance will be much better than the on-board solution.
  2. Oh, I'm not trying to do an hybrid crossfire set ups, I was just trying to get the stand alone video card to run.

    If it disables the integrated video card automatically then what problem am I having? Either way if I have the GT440 on my motherboard I cant get an input signal on my monitor. :/
  3. Could be a couple things. First, make sure that when the Nvidia is installed, that you connect the monitor to it, not the on board video connector (not to insult you, but I have seen odder things).

    Second, are you sure the Nvidia GPU actually works? Do you have access to another working system you could check it in?
  4. Yeah it has been plugged into the video card, and I thought I would try the integrated card just to see if I could maybe install the drivers for the other card but yeah obviously that wasn't going to happen.

    And I'm afraid I don't have another computer to test it, or I should say that is able to run it, the fan turns on and everything seems to work fine I just don't get any video to the monitor.

    But if you're telling me it shouldn't have a problem working with this motherboard then I'll probably return it with in the week, I have 30 days to do so, so no worries.
    And thanks a lot for the help. I'm gonna keep fiddling with things and see if anything changes.
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