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Specify a VGA card for my pc

I have an Asus mother board (P5GC MX/1333) with
PCI express x16 (1.0)
I want to find out a suitable graphic card for my pc.
(I have now an onboard graphic card.)
Power supply-450w
Processor -Intel core 2 duo
Ram - 1GB
Monitor - View Sonic 17"(crt)
OS -Windows 7
Hard disk - 160gb
Please provide me with some information about a suitable graphic card (Nvedia)under 120$
Thank you.
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  1. Sounds like that you are looking at a lower end card such as a 5770 or GTS450 by looking at your psu. Now what brand and model is your psu. Giving wattage isn't enough.

    PS don't let the rich millionaires here pick on you about your CRT.
  2. I have an ADTECH(H-1200) one
    Actually I want a graphic card to play NFS undercover.
  3. I assume by (Nvedia) you mean Nvidia.
    Have a look into the GTS 450
    There is 1 on newegg for $120
  4. That psu is a generic unit and such units are known to be terrible. They often lie about the true wattage of the unit. they are the knock offs of the computing world.

    The gts450 that you linked is of decent quality and should do you very well. Your psu isn't any ware good. Please start looking at a reputable brand that is of decent quality for the life of your system.
  5. Parents would not allow me to use credit cards.
    So would like to buy one avilable in a shop.
    How to know my mobo supports SLI?
    Please let me know about a common VGA which is available in any country..
  6. What country do you live and what budget will your parents allow?
  7. I am Sri Lankan,But my relations are about to arrive here from Australiya.
    So I am asking them to buy one for me...

    I am looking for one under 100$
  8. 5670/GT240/GT430 that is the best that you can get. 9800gt/4850 if you are very lucky to find them cheap. However the psu is a high risk so look for which card uses the least power. The 5670 uses very little power and doesn't need any cables so it will be easy to dump in.
  9. (In 5670)ATI CrossFireX -will this technology support my psu as it needs 500w?

    And what is the video memory of it ?
  10. Also will it support as it needs pci express 2.1x16
  11. Yes so long your board isn't a 1.0 pr 1.1 spec it will work. Also they lie about it's power usage. The card can only use 60-70w max as it can only use power from the slot. It is on par with a 9800gt depending in the drivers and the games being played.
  12. So can I use radeon 5670 without any doubt?
    Or tell me about a vga between 512MB-1GB with less technics or features...
  13. Yes as it uses very little power and even if your unit can only deliver 300w+ you should be ok. Go for the 1gb GGDR5 version if you can but if prices are to high or they aren't available then look to the 512mb GDDR5 version due to the large bandwidth advantage. If no GDDR5 version is available then go for the 1gb GDDR3 instead. It is slower but memory should keep you covered. As for system ram you have very very little but you need to upgrade that at a later time.
  14. How do I know that the dimensions will support my board?
  15. This card is very small like a 7600gs or a 6600gt and is much shorter than a ancient Geforce4 4400ti. To make it simple it is a little larger than a human hand at the most like a small book or plate. It only uses one slot and puts out very little heat compared to higher end cards. Average load when at idle is very very low and at normal load such as gaming it shouldn't run no higher than 60w. Fan noise is different with each card.
  16. My relations have less knowledge on these
    So how I ask them to buy this one in Australiya.
    I can send an email,but is it enough..?
    Do I have to let them know something important about this card or is it enough to
    send url about its web page?
    Will this be available in any shop in Australiya or can I move to Gt240/430 instead?
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    You can try those cards as well and yes send them an email. The GT240 is closer to the 75w limit which will be slightly more than the 5670 and is slower. The 5670 is closer to a 9800gt while a GT240 is closer to a 9600gt. The GT430 isn't a common card and don't use that much power either. You will be happy with any of them coming from a crappy igp (integrated gpu)
  18. OK, Thank you so much!!!
    I'll try both 5670 or GT240
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