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AMD Phenom 955 @ 3.8 bottleneck?

Will my Phenom 955 overclocked to 3.8 ghz bottleneck 2 gtx 470s, and what about 3, im playing at 1080p resolution, and trying to see if it would be necessary to upgrade to a 6 core as well
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  1. 6 cores would not make a difference, because most of today's applications and games are built for 4 cores or less. Your CPU will not bottleneck those cards. Enjoy your gaming!
  2. it wont bottleneck 3 either at that res?
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    If it is a bottleneck then a i7 wont fair any better and that is the best that it gets for a desktop system. So to cut it short you are ok at that speed you will have speed to burn even if you decided to go 3 way.
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  5. kk thanks alot, also would it be a good investment getting a 6 core ? or should i wait for amd to release some revisions on them, cuz like the phenom 2s the c3 stepping was way better than c2
  6. Hold on to what you have and wait for prices to drop. The 6 core version isn't that great yet for gaming due to lack of support for use beyond 4 cores and the nature of the cpu to down clock unused cores. I prefer to keep the whole chip at one speed.
  7. kk sounds good man thanks alot and honestly games only started fully supporting 4 cores recently so jumping the gun for a six core wouldnt really do me any good anyway for another few years probably, and by that time my processor will be history by then.

    Anyways, do you think sli gtx 470s would be good, or should i go for tri sli?
    Also should I wait for the gtx 600 series, its supposed to be way better their gna be using a new chip etc reports say. Their dumping fermi for something else forgot the codename
  8. Two GTX470 is going to be overkill for most games till you do surround then you will be glad that you bought the cards. It is best to go two way and stay with them due to better scaling and 3 way is better than quad due to this same factors. Modern cpus aren't that great but are enough to satisfy any gpu out there. Quad sli and crossfire has the most issues and poor scaling. I could try to explain this but that would make a long post. A very long post at that. So you shouldn't worry as you are jumping the gun by 2 to 4 years however software will such up every thing you give it no matter how much money one has. Those multi million dollar machines are still lag fests when an app is loaded.
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