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Looking For a Case

I'm on the hunt for a case and here's the criteria I would like it to meet. I would prefer you recommend only cases you've personally dealt with unless you have read/heard a lot of particularity good things about it.

-Price Range, approx $80-$120.
-Room for lots of hard drives, 7+. This can include the 5.25" bays, but I need one bay left for an optical drive.
-With this many hard drives I would need the bays to be arranged such that the massive amounts of cables aren't an issue, so basically good cable management. My current case has the HDDs co close to the side of the case the cables are bent in such a way that it pulls on the HDDs connections in a rough manner. Even those L shaped connectors don't fair so well.
-I would like the case to look simple and clean. It will probably be in my living room so I don't want some fancy gaming crap. I'm willing to work with this though if the case is practical and well designed on the interior.

Thanks in advance. I've been looking around for a couple hours and I've found a few things but nothing quite right. Hopefully someone else knows of a secret case that I don't.
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  1. Where do you plan to buy from... Example Newegg or TigerDirect.

    So based on what you are saying, you don't want no fancy lights?
  2. You won't find any 7+ hd cases in that price range.
    If you want something simple,clean,and quiet save some money and do it right.
    Fractal Design Define XL
  3. Fancy lights is a no go. I would prefer newegg, its where I always try and buy from.

    I like that fractal case, would anyone be able to vouch for the sideways positioning of the HDD bays working well in terms of having sufficient room between the end of the drive and the side of the case? The case I have makes me paranoid about other cases having the same type of mounting.

    My case width is something along the lines of 7.5" where as the fractal case is 9.13" so I don't see this being an issue, however if anyone has the case and can comment on it, I would appreciate it.
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    I have two good cases an Antec 902 and a CM 690II.
    The 690II has the side mounted hdd bays and it's definitely better for cable management,access, and routing them.
    The only negative i've ever read about Fractal Design cases is that the fans are underpowered cfm/airflow wise.
    The reason why they're so quiet,most people end up replacing the fans overtime with Thermalright X-Silent fans = better airflow and very quiet also
    I use TR X-Silents and they are excellent fans(20db)and very affordable under $8 for 120mm and the 140mm aren't much more.
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