Motherboard problems

Computer keeps resetting...
One day it was working, the second day I wanted to start it, it would start and stop before even seeing the bios screen, every time I tried. I reassembled it and then it worked again - the only error msg I got was 'overclocked failed', which is weird since I never tried to OC it. Then I played some games and everything seems to run ok. Except instead of seeing 4GB of memorie it would only detect 3GB, even in bios. I gave up for that day...
The problem is that the next day the computer wouldn't work again, it would just reset repentantly - I hear the fans speed up and speed down and I don't even get to the bios screen.
So, I've removed all the components and start replacing them one by one from another computer. First I replaced the CPU and with only with the CPU I started the PC, the computer started and also beeped that components are missing. Then I put the RAMs from the other computer in, the computer did the repeating reset thingy... Then I put in the Video Card, removed the RAMs, started the computer and it did the beeping again. So, it's the motherboards RAM sockets that are faulty... I've tried resenting the bios in case the RAMs got OC somehow...
Also the components that where on the bad motherboard work perfectly on another motherboard.

The questions are:
does anyone have any idea what is wrong with my RAMs sockets?
what the heck could've broke them overnight....
is there any way I could fix this?
could it be something else broken?

MB: Asus P5B s775
CPU: Core2Duo 6600 - replaced by a Pentium E2200
RAM: 2x2GB DDR2 Corsair - replaced by a 1GB Kingston HyperX
GPU: Asus Ati5770

It might be old, but it's good enough for what I play.
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  1. I believe it could be RAM compatibility. What's the speed of your RAM?

    Is this your board by any chance?:
  2. Engima said:
    I believe it could be RAM compatibility. What's the speed of your RAM?

    Is this your board by any chance?:

    I've been using this RAMs on that board for years now, never had a problem. They're DDR800 or more specific CM2X204-6400C5
    Also, that is not my board. This is my board .
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