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So im getting 77 degrees on Gigabyte 6870, fan speed ALWAYS stays at 25-33% (its never gone any higher) - my retailer told me these temperatures are normal.. and ignored the fan speed thing. So what do you think? 77 degrees okay? (i suspect it will hit 80 on a hot summer day that im in now).

I got 6 fans, no after market coolers or overclocks on any components.
Will using MSI Afterburner clocking thing to set up fan profile unlock my card?

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  1. I have that gigabyte 6870 and as its summer now where im from it reaches 82/83c on load / stress testing. Its normal. In games it stays around 70c. U can set your fan speed higher through ATI overdrive but it makes an incredible amount of noise at 35% +. I would suggest just leaving it be.

    Personally im considering slapping on aftermarket cooling but thats not needed.
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