Graphic Glitch with new EVGA GTS 450 - is it me or the card?


I'm having some graphical glitches with a new video card i bought recently. The card is the EVGA GTS 450 SC (super clocked). I took a screen shot of me playing World of Warcraft for reference.

Glitch screenshot -

What happens is two things. First, is the square shadows and I marked with the blue circle. These shadows are just extras and they follow me around as I move. They even conform to the terrain as if part of the game. You can even see one on the sign post. These shadows change as I play with the in-game settings and are mostly linked to the shadow and multisampling options. For example I may have everything on ultra setting without seeing a problem. I turn on multisampling to x2, or lower shadows to high and bamm, the shadow squares will appear. Once they are present they don't really go away. I can keep changing the options but they never disappear totally. (unless I turn off all shadows)

The other issue is the black dots you see in the picture. These do not appear until I keep playing with the options. They kind of flicker as I move around. These dots have shown up in other games as well as Photoshop when I was editing the screenshot. In photoshop I could grab the picture and quickly shake it around which would leave behind pixels of the image on the screen.

I want to find out if it is the card, drivers, or something else I've overlooked. I am leaning to the card but I want to be sure. I play these games at 1920x1080 with vertical sync on. Monitor is a 24" Asus and i'm connected via RGB with DVI adaptors (not sure if using HDMI will make a difference as I don't have the miniHDMI adaptor cord to test it right now). The GPU never got above 60*c (that was the max) and CPU was around 52*c

I've updated the drivers and even tried older drives doing a driver wipe and clean install each time. Again I'm thinking it is the card but I've never seen this so I want to be sure this type of glitch is not something I can fix on my end. Thanks for your time

MB: Gigabyte Ga-MA790GPT (on board graphics disabled)
Athlon II 630
8 gigs DDR3 1600 Adata
Antec EarthWats 650 PSU (also new and tried my old Antec 380 same issues)
Windows 7 Enterprise 64
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  1. This is seen in several other games and not just in the GTS 450. This also happened in my older 8600 GTS. I think it is 'alpha channel' or clip map error but I am guessing here. I would not say this is a GTS 450 error but looking to be more like an game engine 'render' issue.
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