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How much power should a computer with AMD 1100T (O.C. 4.0 Ghz), EVGA GTX 590, DDR3 8GB 1600MHz Dominator (1600 Mhz), and MSI 870A FUZION AMD 870 AM3 Motherboard require?

How much should it have 850w, 1000w or etc?

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  1. That newegg PSU calc is quite possibly the least accurate thing ever invented, i just plugged in my config and it says i should have a 549W unit, im running on an Earthwatts 500W unit and my system only breaks 350W occasionally.

    As for what size PSU you need for something like that, since nVidia decided to ignore the 300W power limit rules of thumb no longer apply, i would get at least a good 750W unit for the GTX 590, but if you are planning for a 1100T and a 590 you might want to consider an i7 2600K and 2 GTX 570s instead, they will run a lot cooler and cost less.
  2. I'm not looking forward to SLI because of past experience but I want to take advantage of the phenoms 2 extra cores but I prefer just one Video card because I heard from my friends that ATI is better than Nvidia when with 2 or more but nvidias best by itself and less of a hassle.
    I basically want a simple (Simple in which there's no prob with games or multitasking) PC
    Although correct me if I'm wrong...
    thx =)
  3. Use the PSU calculators as guides and make your decision based on sales pricing and special promotions from online stores, and computer stores.
  4. You are aware that a GTX590 is using 2 gpus and that SLI drivers are going to be used?

    A GTX590 is a SLI setup on one pcb.

    As for how much you need, a 850W will be enough. Even 750W...
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