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Defective Corsair RAM consistently passess memtest86+ ...

Hello all,

I have built 2 computers since the summer and I'm having some issues with a pair (or maybe just one) set of RAM modules. Basically the problem is that with the 2 memory modules inserted, I get random freezes, random display issues and crashes, some BSOD, etc. (mostly when I am gaming)

I have 2 of the exact same RAM modules, for a total of 8GB. The RAM modules which I am referring to are:

2 x Corsair 4GB XMS3 Memory module, 1600MHz, 9-9-9-24, 1.65V
* I did not purchase them in a kit, rather 2 individual sticks.

The reason why I am quite sure it's the RAM that is the issue (hopefully not defective) is that no matter which computer this set goes into, the problems occur. I have tried swapping in other computer parts (CPU, GPU, MOBO, HDDs, etc.) but nothing fixes. But when I try swapping in other RAM modules (ex. Corsair Vengeance), and the computer is OK...

To check the RAM modules, I tested them out with memtest86+ v.4.20, and they consistently (over 20 times) pass with 0 errors. I have tried different variations, testing each module separately, and testing them together.

I have wondered about sending them back to Corsair for replacements, but I am worried it won't be fixed and I will be wasting time and money (since the RAM might not even be defective). Also, I rather not buy a new set of RAM if I don't have to.

I have checked the Memory Qualified Vendor List and this is particular module is listed. (I think...)
I have checked the BIOS settings and ensured that all timings and voltages are correct.
Also, I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Now, I am stuck. Am I doing something wrong? Is there any solution to help me fix or get by this problem?

Any help or ideas are appreciated,
Thanks in advance.
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  1. PC#2 Specs:


    AMD PHENOM II X4 955 Black Edition @ 3.2GHz QUAD-CORE CPU - $105

    2x EVGA 9800GT 1GB DDR3 GPU SLI - $90 (after $50 rebate) [for both]


    OCZ MODXSTREAM PRO 700W MODULAR 80PLUS POWER SUPPLY - $45 (after $30 rebate)

    THERMALTAKE ARMOR A90 CHASSIS - $40 (after $25 rebate)


  2. Have you tried manually setting the CAS values at the reccomended settings as well as the voltage for the RAM sticks?
  3. Yes, I have. I tried using both the automatic profile, as well as setting them manually. It's the same result though... so :??:
  4. I know this might sound strange....

    However, since it's the RAM that is unstable, would it be possible to make it more stable by pumping more voltage ? Say, bump up the 1.65V to 1.70V? If so, do I just change the 1 BOIS setting?
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    Please post ALL of the information from the stickers on the modules in question.
  6. The voltage boost may indeed help. Also are you overclocking? Is the ram set to dual channel? Have you tried manually setting the ram to NOT be dual channel? Is this happening under load? Do you have memory fans? What is the ambient temp inside the case when it happens?

    I don't know that memcheck would uncover either voltage or heat related issues.
  7. Thanks for the replies!

    1. I am not overclocking the system at all.
    2. I have tried setting it with the automatic profile of the RAM, and I also remember doing it manually and making sure the setting was dual channel.... though, it never occurred to me that using it NOT in dual channel may yield different results.
    3. Yes, this almost always happens under load (when playing games like COD)
    4. No memory fans.
    5. Ambient temperature is quite low, pretty 'cool'... nothing out of the ordinary.

    Lastly, I didn't try the voltage increase route... I just sent one of the modules (the one I believe to be defective) back to Corsair for replacement. We'll see how things turn out... any suggestions if this doesn't work?
  8. Follow up: I RMA'd on of the DIMMs and Corsair was kind enough to send me back a brand new one without any questions asked.

    I think I figured out what the issue was. It wasn't that the RAM was defective, it's just that the 2 DIMMs I had previously may not have been perfectly compatible with each other.

    I hope others can learn from this & thanks for all the replies once again!

    The two original DIMMs that I had were of 2 different versions (v2.12 and v5.11). By chance, I sent back the v2.12... and then coincidentally again, Corsair sent back a v5.11 DIMM.

    v.2.12 + v.511 = not compatible
    v5.11 + v5.11 = compatible

    So from this, I learned that even though the RAM appear to be identical, they might not work TOGETHER unless they are from similar batches... hence, the reason why it's preferred to buy a RAM kit, if possible.
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