Combining Radeon and GeForce

I've ever posted this thread before but don't get a clear answer.

Well, I've planned to buy a new Radeon HD 6870 and combining it with a phsyxs card (GeForce) to increase my gameplay experience especially for Metro 2033. My questions are:
- Is there anyone who ever combined those cards together?
- What GeForce card is properly needed for a range $300? (maybe GTX 460 1Gb)
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  1. Not that I know of.

    Don't think nVidia will work with ATI.
  2. Quote:
    If you want physx go for nvidia card.Donot steal physx from nvidia.

    DIE... I will forever hate nvidia for holding on to it like they did and think the hacked drivers are awesome...

    It should work and a 450/460 will run PhysX gr8. Should get a perfectly smooth gameplay PhysX enabled. I assume u read the review on it? Dont see why you made this post if everything is there in an article...

    Also agree with greg.
  3. Also some sound cards have physx
  4. Already linked by Lian, but here it is again in case you missed the Tom's article:,2764.html

    You will really enjoy PhysX on those games that use it.
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