Upgraded my RAM and have a blank screen

I and currently running Windows 7 Professional on my desktop. I have a Asus P5E3 Mobo and upgraded from 2 to 8 gigs of ram. I bought Corsair Vengence DDR3 1600 2 4GB modules. I put them in and when I start my computer the screen just tries to choose between digital and analog then shuts off. This has happened before and a simple CMOS reset fixed it. Now, It works after I do a CMOS reset but my ram is rated for 1600 and I need to overclock it in my BIOS to allow that to run. After changing my BIOS settings my computer restarts and I get the Same blank screen as before I reset.
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  1. I would drop the ram speed to 1333 and go for 1600 by overclocking the cpu by 20%. Otherwise, leave it at 1333 if it's stable. You'll have to experiment a little with overclocking to see what works. Start by disabling "spread spectrum" in the bios and check the ram voltage to see if it matches your ram spec.
  2. I haven't overclocked the RAM and it still gives the blank screen. At stock settings it runs at 1066, could that be the cause of my problem? The RAM is rated at 1600 so could underclocking it by that much make it fail? Even at stock settings I need to reset the CMOS every time I turn my computer on. I'm beginning to think the RAM may not be compatible or something.
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    Did you buy two separate sticks 2 of 4GB or a Kit with 2x4GB?

    In any LGA 775 you're going to need to OC to run DDR3-1600.
    ref ASUS P5E3 - http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_775/P5E3/#specifications

    Q - What exact RAM? ; please provide a link or links.
    Q - What exact CPU?
  4. I bought a kit of Corsair 2 x 4GB sticks, its model #: CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9R

    I tried OCing to the 1600 and upon restart i get the blank screen once again.

    The CPU is the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield
  5. your probably going to need to bump up the voltage on your RAM, usually to 1.65v
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