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I intend to use my home office computer to conduit video and audio content to my home entertainment system. I have a 46" LEd flat screen TV and high end surround system. I need to add an HDMI card to my Dell 531s. I'm a little lost on the specs for all the potential upgrade cards. If I'm not going to do ANY gaming and my sole concern is the thruput of video and audio of music, videos, TV and movies does DDR2 vs 3 vs 5 have any meaning for my purposes. Likewise the amount of card memory? And Memory interface BUS?
Any recomendations for a low profile card that will support excellent HD and sound? Hopefully silent.
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    Nvidia GT 430 -
    The best low profile HD media center card i think + it supports 3DTV if that is something you might want in the near future.
  2. Get the GT 430 is you care about 3D bluray. If not I'd recommend the HD5570 instead.
    This one is both low profile and passively cooled for total silence;
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