Headphone/Speaker Problem

I have a Creative Sound Blaster FI Titanium & Windows 7.

When I power the computer on, the sound works fine through my speakers. When I plug my headphones into the jack on the front of my case, sound works fine there as well.

But when I unplug the headphones, I have no more sound through speakers. I can plug headphones in and get sound there, but no sound through the speakers until I restart.

I've messed around in the creative console launcher and manually switched it back to the 2/2.1 speakers selection, but it seems sound is stuck on the headphones until I restart the computer.

Also, I can go into settings and uncheck "automatically mute speakers" and sound comes through the speakers. But I shouldn't have to do that at all if no headphones are plugged in.

I've reinstalled the newest driver. Any ideas?
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  1. To me it looks like you have two sound cards running at the same time, I would of thought the front set of 1.5mm jacks on the case were wired to the on board audio of the motherboard.

    Dont quote me on that.
    But it means when you plug your headphones in the front the audio output of windows 7 is switching sound cards.

    In anycase i use a 1.5 splitter and connect it, so the output is to the speakers and the headphones.
    Then all i do is turn the sound down on the speakers amp box.
  2. Sorry i forgot to say if it is the case of two sound cards running, then you have to right click on the speaker icon next to the time in windows 7 bottom right corner, then playback devices, then right click on creative audio output, select default audio device then the speakers will work with out a restart.
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