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Hi everyone,

I just unboxed my new Corsair AX850 power supply, and I noticed that there were one or two very tiny pieces of what looked like steel wool that fell out of the cloth bag that the power supply was in. I shook out the power supply and other than a few flakes of black paint/plastic, nothing else came out.

Maybe these "steel wool" bits must have been from the manufacturing process? Do you think I am safe to use this power supply? I have already built my system and I don't want to unplug everything.

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  1. I would say you try the two paper clip approach first.
    if it works alrite you could give it a shot.
  2. If the power supply turns on am I good to go?

    Should I be worried about little metal bits from the power supply shorting out my motherboard or other components of my PC?
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    if it metal bits are hard to say what they are.
    Most often than not it is the casing being a bit damaged or the coat of paint etc.I dont think there is anything to be worried about however you could use a psu tester to see if its working.
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