In the rush of Graphics Card which one to prefer?

Hi all ,

I want an opinion for the graphics card which i need to buy in replace for the old one.

My current specs. are :::

CPU - Intel Core i5-750
RAM - Kingston 4GB (2*2GB) (1333Mhz)
PSU - GSM 500W
HDD - WD Caviar Green (2*500GB) in Raid-0
Current GPU - Powercolor Radeon 5670 1GB GDDR5
Monitor Resolution - 1600*900

I casually play games like Crysis, Far Cry2 etc. which need well GPU.

My current graphics card had some problem with it. It is not being detected by the motherboard and I think it is due to my experiments with overclocking. As I am having P55 chipset so there is no on-board graphics, so the computer won't turn on.

I had taken it to the retailer. He told me that he don't have any other graphics card of that model and I can buy any other for that money. He told me to add bucks and take Powercolor Radeon HD 5770 1GB. I have searched through some of the benchmarks and found that 5770 is nice one.

For the sake of performance I can buy a little better than my previous one.

Is taking that card right for me or are there much better choices available ?

Are there any other choices in which I will not have to spend extra bucks or very little bucks for same performance b'coz i have already spent too much for this configuration..!!!
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    For your resolution,5770 is a good choice and can handle games fine.
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