Please review $1200 gaming machine build - incl peripherals

I'm looking for input and verification that all the pieces will work together. The newegg wishlist has everything but the software - it will cost me another $80 for Windows 7 & office.


* i5 760 Processor
* Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 mobo
* 2x2GB DDR 1333 G.Skill memory
* WD 1TB Sata 6 7200rpm hard drive
* Radeon 6870 1GB video card
* XIGMATEK 600W power supply
* Asus wireless b/g/n adapter (need n)
* LG blue-ray combo drive
* Acer H243Hbmid 24" 2ms monitor
* XLICO simple case
* simple speakers

Thank you for your advice!
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  1. *i5-760's great
    *This ASRock (subsidiary of ASUS, kinda) board has a second PCI-e that will allow Crossfire at x8/x8 instead of x16/x4:
    *I'd get 2x4GB for $90 and DDR3 1600 because it's easier to overclock
    *HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB--look up reviews if you don't believe me.
    *Radeon 6950 2GB $260 (unlock to 6970)
    *750W Name Brand PSU (Silverstone, Antec, Corsair, XFX--there are some others, you'd want to look for a jonnyguru review of specific models)
    *Wireless N Adapter shouldn't cost more than $15 to $20--I love these over ethernet for my desktop
    *$16 Newegg DVD burner. Skip the Blu-ray if it's gonna cost you in the graphics department. Buy reader down the line.
    *I'd get the 23" LED for $160 @ Tiger Direct:
    *Case: Antec 300 Illusion on Newegg: $70
    *simple speakers
    *CPU Cooler $28:

    This totals about $1200 and I think it's a better build.
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