Nvidia 220

guys i have just got an nvidia 220gt 1gb ddr2
but my system shows dedicated video memory as 512
also gpu z and nvidia control panel shows 512
i have intel g31pr motherboard
plz help to resolve this
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  1. ^That sure was extremely helpful for the OP :sarcastic:

    Seems like you just got ripped off, return it.
  2. That's just the truth, even gpu z shows 512 so he must have been ripped off or sent by error.
  3. thx guys just returned it
  4. guys just tel me my frnd is facin same display problem
    windows graphic score is 5.8
    is card 512 mb or is it just a wrong info
    the card shows 1024 during bootup
    iv got 9600gt instead
  5. If gpu-z shows 512 then 512 it is.
  6. 32 bit windows 7
  7. oh my get hd 5670 it will work awesome with great dx11 visuals
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