1st build, Help needed with Case i/o install, led's install please!!

ok the case is a cooler master haf 922 and the motherboard is an asus formula iv.
everything is going great, first build ever and it ran perfectly on first boot.


abou the cases i/o like the reset button, power button and led on/off switch.
the on/off switch on the case itself will turn the pc off but wont turn it on, if i want to turn it on i have to hit the start button on the motherboard itself? how can i fix it?

and with the fans and for future fans l.e.d's, where exactly do i install the led's pins for power?
i know its on the mobo but i just connected one fans led pins to an unused pin set, is that alright??

i mean i know my motherboard has cpu fan, cha fan, opt fan and pwr fan (motherboard guide) but what do they all mean besides the cpu fan???

and what do i use them for??

one more question, does the bios have to recognise your gpu? i searched system info but it doesnt come up. and after i installed windows 7 i saw "standard vga graphics adapter" in the windows system information (not 100% sure where i saw it but it wasnt in the bios)

how do i make the pc recognise it? it is a saphire vapor-x 5770 1 gig.

thanks allot i tried to keep it short! :/
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  1. just took a flick through the manual and found out about the led's and the power switch and where to install them.

    still stuck about the graphics card tho.

    any help on it?
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