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trying to install hdmi output to computer what specs do i need to know to make sure i get right card?
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  1. You mean you want a graphics card that has an HDMI output? Or you want a video capture card that can capture a digital HDMI signal?

    If it' the output you want, most Radeon 5xxx series or Geforce 4xx series cards have an HDMI output. Just look on the specs of the card, or at the picture, to see if it has HDMI, and then make sure it's compatible with your motherboard. Speaking of which, can you post your system specs?
  2. ok here is what im trying to do i want to hook up my computer to my tv but my computer does not have a hdmi or dvi output so im looking for a card to upgrade so i will have these to do so. so how do i find the specs to make sure that the card is compatible with my computer i dont know what specs i am looking for.
  3. these are the specs i guess: amd athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual
    Core Processor 4600+
    2.41 GHz, 896MB of RAM

    let me know if i need more info i dont want to get wrong card
  4. Dude

    Your Spec is low Therefore, Go for an ATI 3xxx Graphics card series.

    Most of them come with an hdmi port.

  5. Galaxy Geforce 210 GT210 Video Card HDMI DVI NVIDIA this is the one i was looking at will this be alright.
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