Sound Blaster X-FI Problem With Windows 7 Upgrade

So I just upgraded to windows 7 and I had windows throw me a sound card update to get my sound working with the new OS. But I noticed when I tend to scroll on my internet browsers while listening to a stream/music I hear a popping static noise. But I noticed its ONLY when I scroll or am doing to much multi tasking I suppose.

Also I know it isnt sound card related but what would be a good resolution for a "assuming" 13 inch oldschool ctv montior or whatever the acryonym is. I think its 13 inches because I took a 6 inch ruler and it goes twice with one inch across the bottom of it.
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  1. Don't use MS updates for your discrete hardware like soundcards and gpu's.
    Go to the makers website for such updates.
  2. I tired several up dates and "none fit your hardware"
  3. is what I get**
  4. What is the exact model name of your card?
    Go to Creative
    Click the Soundblaster pic
    Scroll to bottom of page
    Click here(in blue text)
    They will have you card
    i update all my legacy cards from there
    I have Win7 drivers for cards older then yours
  5. Well see thats the problem its like a 2007 sound blaster "X-fi" card. Like thats literally all its listed as on my "my computer" properties. I went and clicked at the bottom where it says "click here if your product isnt listed" found my sound card but then it failed and said the url doesnt exsist on the creative site....
  6. Well wait a minute the " creative auto softwear update" is now saying its a x-fi xtreme gamer card.
  7. travis myers92 said:
    Well wait a minute the " creative auto softwear update" is now saying its a x-fi xtreme gamer card.

    Which has 2 pages of downloadable content
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver 2.18.0015/ 46.74 MB /
    16 Jun 10
    I'd try that one first since it specifically says WIN7
  8. Would you be willing to link me to this page?? Everytime I search for drivers I get a error.
  9. Maybe its a google chrome problem I will try IE.
  10. Still snap crackle pop when I scroll and during start up with that w7 "exclusive"...... Im gonna try the 2011 driver and pray it works if not im gonna just wait till a bit later when I get my new rig completed. And if that doesnt work ill probably have to find a new graphics card.
  11. Do you have the onboard audio disabled in bios?
    Plus you can't just keep installing drivers on top of each other without uninstalling the old ones first.
    I can tell your're new at this.
    Download Driversweeper and open in safemode
    check off Creative
    Analyze and clean
    reboot normal
    then install the Win7 drivers from 2010 as Admin
    Pointless installing the 2011 drivers which are identical but not for Win7
    read the details
  12. Creative cards are notorius for their driver issues; I ditched my ExtremeGamer years ago due to "Snap, Crackle Pop".

    Try either the Daniel_K or PAX driver sets; they fix a lot of the stuff Creative has been unwilling (or unable) to fix.
  13. When you say installed win7 drivers from 2010 your speaking of that strictly driver on the site correct?
  14. Yep! and i would also follow gamerk316's advice if the Creative drivers still cause problems.
  15. Ya I cant find these PAX or Daniel_K drivers any where just a bunch of broken links and not executable files..... FML

    And the Creative one was no help.
  16. Okay so iv tried switching pci slots, Iv tried sweeping drives and getting the 2010 version of windows 7 driver, iv attempted to try this daniel_k and PAX driver but neither of them install I just get a error message saying my OS doesnt fit or that I dont have any hardware installed, Iv tried lowering master volume, Iv tried disabling the line in and out not sure which one it was, Iv preety much tried EVERYTHING that 5 hours of research has led me to try anyone out there that can help me that had this expierience before????
  17. Iv since givin up on these x-fi series. I installed by sound blaster live 24 bit from my 8 year old dell and its out performing the card. How pathetic.. Thanks to anyone who tried helping Creative is just a big joke.
  18. Managed to get the X-FI working with Windows 7, took a while to figure out the problem but heres how I managed to get it to work (without the horrible squeaks and tolloid screeching).

    My system is: ASUS P6X58D-E with I7930, 6GB RAM, GEFORCE GTX280, X-FI Titanium Fatality Pro Champion. I have three GFX PCI-E slots (2x16 lane, 1x8 lane), one PCI and one 1xPCI-E slot.

    Like me, you've probably installed the card and drivers already to find out that things weren't right, so from this stage so this:

    1. Completely uninstall all of the creative drivers - go to START, right click MY COMPUTER, PROPERTIES, DEVICE MANAGER, and find SOUND VIDEO AND GAME CONTROLLERS. Click to open the devices and right click the X-FI (if it has been detected) and select UNINSTALL DRIVER - do this with all other sound devices except your webcam (which can appear here as well)

    2. Go to START, CONTROL PANEL, UNINSTALL A PROGRAM and uninstall anything from Creative, make sure to delete everything including the program "X-FI INSTALLER" which is right at the bottom of the list.

    3. Restart the PC, tap the "del" key to access your BIOS and make sure that your onboard sound chip is disabled - it'll be in somewhere like 'DEVICES','ONBOARD DEVICES','REALTEC HD SOUND' or similar - make sure it is changed to 'DISABLED', save and reboot (F10)

    4. Once Windows has started up, run WINDOWS UPDATE. It'll find your X-FI and install its own drivers. Now SHUTDOWN the PC.

    5. THIS BIT IS IMPORTANT: check that your X-FI card is not in the PCI-E slot directly above or below your graphics card - it can go a couple of slots away and you can definitely install in into a 8x or sometimes a 16x PCI-E slot - yes the card is shorter but it will work just fine and is designed to work is all slots from 1x to 16x with no problems. (there seems to be a bit of confusion on this on the net) - This is because the graphics card emits electrical noise that interferes with the X-FI, also can cause IRQ problems.
    Some motherboards (like mine) have three graphics card slots, two of which are designated as only graphics - you can use the third one with no problems (usually a different colour from the other two) - or second one as long as you've checked your motherboard manual to find out if one or two slots are for the sole use of a graphics card.

    6. Reboot the computer then go to Creatives website and navigate your way through to the SUPPORT, DRIVERS page relevant to your X-FI card : "" - Download X-FI TI DRIVER (not beta), CONSOLE LAUNCHER (beta version), DOLBY DIGITAL LIVE PACK, DTS CONNECT PACK, PID CONNECT PATCH and ALCHEMY.

    7. Reboot the computer again, as it reloads Windows will detect a newer audio driver (the one in the packs that you've just downloaded) - it will install in the background and will show a 'popup' saying that a device driver has been installed.

    8. Reboot the computer (you'll get used to this by the time you're done)

    9. THIS BIT IS IMPORTANT: You need to install the updates ONE AT A TIME AND REBOOT AFTER EVERY INSTALLATION. Install the software/drivers in this order:

    (a) PID CONNECT PATCH (product ID connect patch)
    (b) X-FI TI DRIVER
    (c) DTS PACK
    (d) DDL PACK
    (e) ALCHEMY

    Make sure to reset the PC in between every software installation.


    Register the products when asked.

    10. Hopefully, ENJOY! - On some systems the front panel Mic input must be disabled, this is done in the Creative console launcher in the mixer tab and also using CONTROL PANEL, SOUNDS.

    This worked for me - hopefully it will for you too.
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