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Hi guys! I am building a computer NOT for gaming, but for my info security class. The focus of the build is on running multiple OS's and applications at once to run penetration (hacking) tests. I'm assuming I need A LOT of memory and a huge hard drive. Where do I start? the budget for the entire build needs to be 1000 or less. Any help or direction would help!]

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  1. Nah u could get by with 4GB RAM and 500GB hdd if the purpose is just for the above ^^


    1090T + Gigabyte 880G $235

    Items off Egg $182

    $417 in total
  2. Oh well that seems good enough! Thanks for your reply and help!!
  3. Yep u are welcomed ^^
  4. Could I PM you with any additional questions I might have in the coming weeks???
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