Upgrading HD 3850 Ruby to used HD4770 advice questions

I currently have a Diamond HD3850 Ruby Edition 512mb

I've found a used XFX Radeon HD4770 for $40

From the reviews and benchmarks I've seen it looks like a decent upgrade per dollar value, any other card I can find that is an upgrade is like $80, but I'm a little hesitant to spend $40 on a non-DX11 card that is a still a few generations behind.

Any thoughts on if I should hold off for like HD5770 instead?

My systems specs are as follows

Athlon64 x2 5000+ Black Edition 2.6 ghz overclocked to 3.0
Mobo:asus m3a32-mvp deluxe wifi-ap- ONLY supports Crossfire, not SLI
4 GB RAM Ballistix
Monitor is 24' 1920x1280
Asus 750 Watt PSU

I primarily PLay World of Warcraft (settings on normal-high @ 1920x1280) I set them much lower during 25 player groups.
Starcraft 2 (Normal-High @ 1920x 1280)
Dragon Age and Fallout games- been running at (1600x1200 on Medium to High)

Thanks for any insight. I'm suppose to buy t he used card tomorrow, let me know I should hold out for a more current card.50
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  1. Yes the 4770 will probably soon be outdated, the 5770 would probably be a much better decision and it has DX11.
  2. ct1615 is correct. That deal is great go for it.
    danjm989, no, yes it probably will outdated but not in a long time and he wont find anything at that budget with comparable performance.
  3. definitely get the 4770 NOW!
    then after that save up all your money for a new pc, it will be more worthwhile then upgrading your computer part by part...
  4. No, the 4770 isn't going to be much of an upgrade over your existing card. Same shader count, lower fill rates, less bandwidth. It will hurt your over all performance in many games that are still dependent on other factors outside raw shader. I suggest that you look for a cheap 48x0 or 57x0 series cards if you are very lucky but you are not going to get a meaningful boost with that budget unless for some other area.

    Bye the way sli can be hacked to work on non certified intel chipsets and ati crossfire supported boards. It works and have tested my self.
  5. Just got back from work thanks for the good responses. I've got 3 yes/2 no. Kinda tough choice, my budget is fairly limited, but a $150 is somethign I could MAYBE splurge on.

    Someone mentioned my CPU being a limiting factor for other cards, any ideas where that point starts? cause I do have my eyes on a HIS 5770, for 129.00 @ compUSA.

    I figured $40 was a good deal lol ,nforce4max now has me a bit worried.
    *edit I also though the DDR5 was a huge upgrade even though its going from 256-bit to 128-bit, I could be wrong I'm no expert.
  6. I would go with the 5770 as they are common and much cheaper down the road for crossfire than the 4770. DX11 and other features make it worth it.
  7. For 40 dollars go for the 4770. I o/c mine to 920/1000. Stock was 750/800- it uses 1Kmhz gddr5 ram, so there is plenty of o/c there. I returned dx9 #'s what the 5750 could get in games like dirt2 dx9. Others.
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