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What's the best graphics card I can run? DG31PR Board

I have a DG31PR motherboard and i'm trying to figure out the best graphics card I can get. I'll probably get it from newegg. Money doesn't really matter too much just wondering the best that I can get.

Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. be a bit more specific....
    CPU, ram,psu, mobo (does it have a pcie slot?) and the games you want to play at whatever resolution you want to play them in
  2. As it has a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot, it can accomodate any single graphics card on the market today. If you wanted to spend $500, you could get a GTX 580. (or for a little more, a radeon 5970). If you waited a couple months until Radeon 6970 and 6990 come out, those could very well beat the current 5970.

    The only thing to worry about is that your CPU might not be fast enough and might bottleneck the graphics card. Also, unless you have a very good PSU, I wouldn't put a GTX 580 in there. Please post your system specs.
  3. I have an Antec 430W power supply. Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz CPU. 2GB RAM. And really? I didn't think my board could run all of the new cards I thought it only had like PCIe 1.0 x16.

    So what would run best on my system?

    Thank you.
  4. your mobo having pcie 1.0 doesn't really matter, all pcie cards are backwards compatible.
    also there are a number of core 2 duo cpu's at 2.66 ghz... could you be a LITTLE more specific?
    also do you really want to spend all your money on a new graphics card?
  5. Intel Core 2 Duo E8200.

    And alright how about like around like $100-$150 or less?
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    hmmm... you still didnt say which games you wanted to play or what resolutions...
    but i guess with your price range.... tada!

    EDIT: woops... forgot you had a 430 watt psu...ummm
    how about this instead?
  7. Oh i'll be playing like Dragon Age, Black Ops, Fallout new Vegas, Star Wars Force Unleashed. And not quite sure what resolutions..

    And wow that looks like a good card.. you sure I can run that well on my machine? haha

    And thanks your a great help
  8. holy cow... im running the same games as you...
    anyway an E8200 with a hd5750 SHOULD be able to run dragon age and New Vegas.
    but... black ops doesn't run that well on dual core cpu's and the force unleashed is a really bad port and lags unless you have a really powerful computer.

    i can run dragon age and NV fine on my computer (specs are on my signature) but black ops and force unleashed lag a lot.

    PS, i would get a new power supply (600 watts or more ) and get a really good card like a gtx 460 or a HD 6850
  9. I can run dragon age and NV on low detail and almost black ops and force unleashed doesn't run at all it's so bad. But I only have a GeForce 7300 GS...

    If I got the card you suggested how much of an upgrade would that be?
  10. if you got the HD 5750, dragon age and NV will easily play on high detail. black ops and force unleashed should be playable, maybe even medium detail if your computer can handle it, your E8200 is a really fast dual core (im so jealous)
  11. Hmm alright ya i'll probably get the HD5750 but there are almost no good reviews on it so i think I might go with this:

    What do you think?
  12. i guess you can get that one since it has a dual slot cooler which will keep the temps down, does your case have enough room though?
  13. yup I got two open slots so it shouldn't be a big deal. Thanks for your help man!
  14. Eebado id hate to say it but you should probable do the smart route lol. Buy a new power supply unit. Your trying to do a quick fix(which is understandable) but next month you'll be stuck not playing new games again lol. I would recommend the GTX 460 or so. So atleast you'll be good for 6 months haha. It's a "running game" when trying to keep up with the gaming world. If money isnt a option then just build a new PC. I got a Intel i7 950, 6 gigs and GTX 460 for about $800 all together including case and 650 watt power supply. This system should last me for awhile. But like I said its a rat race and trying to do quick fixes like how your doing isnt going to satisfy you. I rode that same boat until I built my system. You'll feel instant freedom :) Sorry for the bad news.
  15. I reccomend going with a 5770 it's perfect for playing those games at maxed out settings.I would also say to buy at least 2g more of RAM.
    For peace of mind could you plz list the Model Nub. of your power supply plz.
  16. Ya I get what your saying mrkeith but i'm getting the card for Christmas and not sure if I can get a PSU also

    Say i got this

    What power supply would I need to power it?

    Right now I have an Antec EA-430
  17. And is that GTX 460 even that much better then the HD 5750?
  18. The 460 is better than the 5770 but it uses more power,i think it would be best to go with a 5770 anything more than a 460/5770 and you would start to get a bottleneck,that is a very good PSU so i don't think you need to worry about it.
    It is up to you but, i would reccomend that you buy a 5770 and O.C. your CPU to 3.0Ghz and get 2G more of Ram.

    5770 $140=$130 After MIR

    You on your own for the memory(Ram)but i would suggest you get some.Make sure it's the same type as one you have in your PC right now,best way to be safe aobut is to get the exact same stick thats in there now.
  19. I have tried to OC but I don't think that it is possible for the board to.

    And alright I'll check it out and I was looking at some RAM, maybe i'll upgrade.

  20. I use 5750 and it works for all the game you said in high resolution, except for Star Wars since I don't want to play it. But then again, you PSU is quite low...

    Black Ops is laggy even in quad core, although my friend Core 2 Duo E77500 with 9500GT runs it quite well... I'd say the game is buggy.
  21. So i'll be good if i go with the 5750?
  22. yeah from what the user above is saying you will be good. you can look at benchmarks to get an idea of the frame rate you will be getting. is good for seeing some frame rates. Keep in mind that 720p would totally help making your frame rates faster since all those benchmarks are in super high resolutions. For the little power that the card takes its looking like a decent buy :) But like I said when you get the card and you play a game then instantly you have that "o man, i want more power" welcome to the gaming world lol.
  23. 5750 is ok too, but then you need a new PSU. If you don't really mind about quality the go for older NVIDIA, for example, 9500 or 9800. I'm quite sure for the 9500 your power supply would be sufficient. It can play most game at almost the max settings, (low AA though, and no DX11). It's surprising to see such old hardware can still keep up with current game.

    What's your monitor resolution by the way?

    But if you have money yo spare, I suggest you upgrade to a better PSU and 5750 (or above). Oh I recommend Sapphire 5750 Vapor X, that's what I am using.
  24. that card is impressive for so low of wattage usage honestly. I would try it out
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