Program need 1280x1024

I have a video tutorial that need 1280x1024 and this video is encrypted that I can't edit the resolution some kind of embedded flash player,
My laptop screen max resolution is 1366x768, the video is working but the fonts is so small that I can't learn form the tutorial cuz I can't see the menus of the program in the tutorial.
can anybody help?
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  1. sorry but if the max resolution is 1366x768 then you cant run it on 1280x1024...
    if your laptop supports 1024 X 768 or 1152x864 try and see the video in that resolution
  2. Some laptops have an HDMI output that you could hook up to a 1080p TV. Your TV may have a VGA input to allow you to do the same, but the sound would play on your laptop.
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