Power Supply: Is This Normal?

Hey guys, I recently purchased and installed the Antec 650 Earth watts power supply. This item, http://www.antec.com/Believe_it/product.php?id=NjY=

While everything booted up fine there is weird happenings when I boot up after long shutdown, half hour or more. When I press the power switch on my computer I get no power. I have to manually turn my surge protector thats connected to the power supply off and on a couple times for the computer to kick back on. Yes I have switched surge protectors and I also know other items connected to the surge protector does not lose power so it seems as tho an internal switch with this Antec power supply automatically turns off?

Is this normal for certain brands of power supplies? Just asking cause if it's a sign of future problems I have 30 days to return the item.

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  1. Not normal! Check all your connections.
  2. Hmm, thanks. Maybe the PS is defective. When I went to Best buy this item was the last one on the shelf and was pre-opened. Maybe it was returned? The sales guy said he would give me 10pct off since it was opened and if any issues arise I would have 30 days to return.

    I unseated and reset all my connections and same thing....Looks like I will be making an exchange, thanks for your quick reply
  3. Probably previous return for the same reason!
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