Crossfire 4850 1gb Not Working

A few days ago I received my second 4850 in the mail. My problem is that one of my cards simply is not being used at all. I used MSI Afterburner to view my performance while playing some games. My result was 99% usage on the first card, and 0% usage on the second card. I did this playing Black Ops and also CS:S to make sure it wasn't Black Ops having poor optimization. In CCC and GPU-z it claims Crossfire is enabled, yet in ATI Tray Tools it says its unavailable.

My system is as follows:

Phenom II X4 925 @2.8 ghz (non-overclocked)

MSI 790x-g45 Motherboard

4 GB 1600 ddr3 RAM

Gigabyte 4850 1gb

XFX 4850 1gb

Windows 7 32 bit

From what I have read online this configuration should work fine in crossfire. Also, I am using 1 Crossfire bridge which is a MSI crossfire bridge that came with my motherboard. If anyone sees what could be wrong I would really appreciate the help.

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  1. Are you playing in windowed mode?
  2. I doubt that your psu is the issue up front and sounds like yet another pain in the ass software issue. What games are you playing? Try a game that is a sure thing to use crossfire.
  3. I noticed my bios versions are different on each card. Might this be why they wont crossfire correctly?
  4. Very rarely would a difference is the bios make much of any difference in compatibility and stability of the system.
  5. Any other ideas?
  6. Try different drivers and check the bridges for any damage or corrosion. What games are you playing?
  7. At the moment I am playing COD: Black Ops, but I have tried it on CS:S and MW2.
  8. Also, do you think reinstalling windows would help?
  9. Chances are that the games that you are playing may not take advantage of crossfire. Try Crysis demo or any other game that is known to take advantage of crossfire and sli.
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