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Hey, Not sure whats going on here but I have completely formated my HD and reinstalled Windows 7 on it. Now everytime I start my computer I have to choose between Windows 7, and a "Previous Version of Windows" which clicking does nothing. There is the system partition that it automatically makes (100mb) that I havent formatted. Do I need to format that? TY
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  1. It is always best to delete al lthe partitions on your hard drive(s) before starting a fresh install. The 100mb partition that Windows 7 creates during installation is not big enough to contain the OS itself - but I beleive it does contain certain drivers and set up files.

    Try formatting and deleting all the partitions and then re-installing
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    Easier than reinstalling would be to install EasyBCD (Google for it - I'm tired of finding the link), which will let you remove this entry. Don't format or delete that 100MB partition!
  3. Dont format the 100mb, as said in the last post. It is made by and required by windows 7!

    That startup option is in the boot config, if you what your doing, you can remove its line within the boot config. You can use vista boot pro to also remove it.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. And EasyBCD worked great it took me about 5 seconds to solve my problem. Appreciate it!
  5. Hello pugwash61,

    Yes, you can find the official Microsoft Windows Upgrade Advisor here:

    Before making any attempts at upgrading your Windows operating sytem; you should first backup all of your important data!
    You can also go with the easy transfer, there is a very well planned out tutorial on the microsoft site:
    Please refer to Microsoft official site:
    Windows 7 Compatibility: (There you will find out about hardware and software compatibilty.)
    There is a pulldown from which you can choose "hardware" and "software".
    There are also some great articles, instructional videos and such to help with your Windows 7

    Check it out here at our Springboard site:

    Thanks again,
    John M.
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