RTL8188SU USB Wont work


I am using a micro USB wifi

Get signal, connectc, show internet available

But browser is so slow that now page will load. I get the favicon and the http address validated...no content loads!

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  1. Try using the computer in the same room as the router and see if things improve.

    If so, raise the router above furniture level and experiment with setting different channels in the router.
  2. But thats the thing, it has full signal. Connects straight away no issues, and reports internet access.

    Using micro USB adapter. Search ebay for mini usb wifi, no aerial and uses 1T1R. ?

    Pretty sure I had it working on another wifi router, but not the speedtouch (which uses a DNS of

    Just confused now! The router is 4 years old so maybe this is using some new tech that isnt supported?
  3. Check TCP/IP Properties.

    Start, Connect To, Connection, Properties, Scroll Down TCP/IP and highlight, click Properties and check that Obtain DNS and IP address automatically are enabled.
  4. I went to TCP IP 4 and set the DNS to static as per the router. And IP as auto. Same settings that worked on my netbook. It works in the sense it allows it through to the web and validate an internet connectin. But there is just no bandwidth at all!
  5. Have a look at the router setup screens and see if you can turn off DDOS setting -- it may come under Firewall Settings.

    Also consider MTU -- try TCPOptimizer (it's free) which may advise on best settings.
  6. Hmm although I have good computer knowledge, im a newb to networking. What is MTU?

    Also, I have mounted the USB internally directly to the mobo header using an adapter (mini itx case). Was concerned about 'reflections' etc....but it worked fine with another router and greats signal etc.

    Ill take a look at those settings. Just want to confirm what MTU

    Looks like some special options required for the router maybe, strange it would work with one and not the other?
  7. Something like Maximum Throughput -- default is 1500 in most routers. Too high and the router chokes on data. It's usually recommended that when there's a prob you lower that by 10 points at a time until things speed up.
  8. Ok thanks thats great. Know any good books? I really want to get my head around networking and connectivity. Obviously I understand computer concepts well (i am a programmer) but need to get my networking knowledge up....especially as I would like to build my own home server and connect this to a second machine to be used for terminal services


  9. Try reading the full manual for your router ?
  10. No talking more about general networking. not for specific router. More about TCP IP, network addressing, functionality, hardware setup, software, admin etc etc

    Any good sources?
  11. I learned anything I know by participating in the Netgear user site and messing about with routers dumped in the street by people moving house or changing ISP.

    All the networking books I looked at were far too complicated for simple home networking purposes (and usually out of date) .
  12. but im lost with terminology, the interactions, what setting actually do to thing real world. any basic intro or guides?
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