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I'm Looking for a graphics card to play games on my 32" TV. I need a one that hopefully can produce a good picture. It needs 2 HDMI outs. My budget is around $125. I prefer to stay under but i might go over a little.
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  1. What resolution is your 32" TV?

    Likely Options:

    The TV's resolution will determine how powerful of a graphics card you NEED in order to supply fluid game play without having stutters graphically.

    For $150 you could get a GTX 460 768MB card which does very, very well. [Best Option for 1080p close to your budget]

    Closer to your budget, is the ATI 5770 for $130

    Being a 32" TV, unless you paid good money for it, a majority of TVs sold in that size are 720p. Which means you don't even need anything better than the ATI 5770, and would likely do fine with something lesser.

    Keep in mind, PC games on a TV are not the same as on a proper PC monitor.
  2. thanks for the reply, im running this TV on a Radeon 4350... would the 5770 be worth it to upgrade? also im going to get a new monitor eventually if it doesnt look good and just run a dual setup. it is 720 p
  3. The ATI 5770 is more than you'll need for a 720p television. However, if you get a new PC monitor it'll do well at like 1680x1050 resolutions as well. If you go with something more modern like 1920x1080, the ATI 5770 is probably a little less than you'll want.

    I'm a graphics oriented person, so for 1920x1080 (1080p) I honestly would want a GTX 460 1 GB or ATI 6850, or better. But those are definitely above your $125 budget.

    Note: Keep in mind, if your TV is 720p, you'll want to set your desktop and game resolutions to match the 720p standard (1280 x 720) to keep your TV from distorting the image. Your TV is only capable of displaying 1280 x 720 lines of resolution, so any setting higher than this is wasted as you can't actually display more detail. Setting your PC resolution higher, will make your computer work harder to "draw" the better picture, but your TV won't display it all. So again, it's wasted and creates poor performance. At such a low resolution, your current card can probably play a few games. :)
  4. Why do you need 2 HDMI outputs if your only going to be using your TV?
  5. I'm not aware of any video cards that have a dual-link HDMI port. Most have a dual-link DVI port and a single link DVI. For your price range, I would look at the GTS450.

    "If you have a very high resolution monitor at 2560x1600 and connect your card to the single link connector, your resolution could be limited to ~1280x1024 or something close. Use the dual-link connector, and you'll have the full 2560x1600 resolution available. This of course only applies to the two DVI connectors."
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