Strange Defective Pixel????

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Okay, got a strange one here....

I just purchased a new ASUS 27" monitor a few weeks ago. No problems at first but now I've got an odd pixel defect that has been cropping up.

I noticed at first it was a green dot on part of my black background but it doesn't stay a single color like a normal stuck pixel, it will change colors according to the background but it's not quite matching up with the rest of the pixels. On a black background it's a light green but on a white or orange background it becomes a light red. Not noticeable at all on green, yellow, or blue.

I've tried flashing for 48 hours with undead pixel, rubbing the pixel and tapping the pixel to no avail. I'm not sure if its the transistor for the pixel that's defective for if this LCD liquid itself. I've thought about rubbing the pixel with a soft cotton rag soaked in hot water to make the liquid crystal seat into the pixel but I just haven't got around to it yet.

Has anyone else ever had this problem or found a solution?
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  1. I'd speak to the place that you purchased it from to see if you can return it. Although some places have exclusions on pixel defects.
  2. Yea, forgot to mention that...I'm kinda screwed on taking back. Newegg has a 30 day return policy and I'm already past that. I checked ASUS warranty policy and it seems I have to have 3 to 5 defect pixel warranty policy and I'm seeing just a single pixel.

    I'll try getting in touch with ASUS though, maybe they will have mercy on me :)
  3. try scratching at it a little to make sure it's not a tiny thing on the outside. i sometimes think my pixels have gone defective, because the dots of whatever-they-are are hard to even feel, but a fingernail works.
  4. try this

    u can set the box to 1x1 or 5x5 and click start. a flashing box will appear on screen, mouse over it and left click it to drag it to where your dead pixel is you may have to run it a few times at different frequencies buy it should unstick your pixel start at your native hz value then half it and half it again if it doesnt work try off frequencies like 59hz or 29hz...

    i dunno how effective this will be or if it will work or how long it will last if it does. but its worth a shot.
  5. Ahh okay, I tried udpixel but i didn't try changing the refresh rate....I'll give that a shot.
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