Upgrade system or wait for BD

I was looking at newegg parts formy Bulldozer build (leaving out the mobo and cpu) and a question came to mind,"should i really do a completely new build or should I upgrade my 2010 build." In truth I really can not decide so I thought why not ask the TH forums on what I should do.

Here are my current specs:
ASRock M3A770DE motherboard
Athlon II x2 3.0ghz 250 cpu (wish I would got the Phenom II x3 :cry: )
2x2gb Kingston 1066 DDR3 Ram
MSI R5550 1gb GDDR3 (discontinued and no longer on MSI website)
500gb 3gb/s harddrive
Asus combo drive
thermaltake 430 psu (not sure what model)
6 - 8 year old antec case (fans still work too :D )
Windows 7 home edition

the arguments
Pros- cheaper, easier to build and can use it as a backup
Cons- will be out of date sooner then I want.
New BD buid:
Pros - longer life span and better hardware to choose from in the future
Cons - much more expensive and possible hardware problems

I already have plans to update my moniter so I can get into the higher resolutions. I'm just unable to decide weather it's better to upgrade my current system for wait for Bulldozer and build a completely new system. the reason that this question even poped up is because the psu I'm using is borrowed from a family member, that I would like to return. I will also say this, if i upgrade, it must last till end of 2012 or mid 2013 without anymore upgrades (looking at a 2 1/2ish life span). any suggestions are welcomed and so are your opinions.

P.S. if there's a not enough info please let me know and i will edit where I can.
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  1. a processor and GPU upgrade will st you a couple years:

    Athlon II X3 450 and a HD 6850 would be $260 and last you through 2012 easy.

    if you wanted to splurge, an X6 1075t is $190 now, so it with the same 6850 would run ~$370
  2. Like screwy said those could last you for a while (meaning his 450 and 6850).

    Now in my personal choice I would honestly make a new build. It'll be faster but not only that I'm pretty sure 32nm will be the peak for a while. Until we start using 28nm for desktops (not like ARM using the Cortex's for the Mobile CPU) I see that BD will last you at least until 2013. Games still haven't fully utilized the 5970 and that card has been what? 2-3 years. I see the 5970 staying usable for a long time. So yeah doing a new BD build would prove rather future proofing IMO.
  3. id go the upgrade path. you can realize definite gains NOW. Save your money for BD and build a better rig in a couple of years, the tech we will have by then will have matured at least a little and you'll be a far superior spot to make a decision.
  4. okay, thanks for the input. I'll just wait till about the end of 2012 (at the earliest) for a new build. any suggestions as far as the upgrades? oh and I'll just add another stick or two of ram since I've had no problems with the current ram.
  5. Current ram is fine, no need to add more. As for upgrades the most that would help you is a better GPU, like even a 4670 or a 60$ 4830 would boost your performance. You can get the 4830 off my site in the siggy (450$ build section in Amazon recs) or search up Powercolor 4830, i think it's the only 4830 out of a select few left for so cheap.
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