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What difference does a good motherboeard make?

Hi I just want to know what difference does a good motherboard make. for example:

I vwant to buy a asus m5a97 but what difference will it make if I buy a sabertooth for for more twice the price( yep thats how crap SA is when it comes to computers and prices)
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    It overclocks a lot better, high quality components, best FPS with best GPU's, fine tuning ability. Higher HW standards, more latest gadgets, heavy duty beast.

    Better Warranty rules for the board replacement...
  2. ok thanks
  3. You're welcome : )
  4. Very good question and an equally good response person get high end boards for them to do more, have more, monitor more stuff and last longer than regular boards for added peace of mind and future upgrades!
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  6. Good luck!
  7. I find MOB0's are in (3) categories: Cheap, Good and Overkill. The Sabertooth is deemed as 'Good'.

    The Good has minimal Phases for lower vCore (OC) and attributes for long-term reliability and performance. Truth be said less 'doodads' is better for key component performance to reduce overhead from 'shared' bandwidth that otherwise hinders performance. In general 'most' MOBO's, other than OC or PCIe, more less perform the same; benchmarks within margin of error +/- 0.05%.
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