Is the Motherboard Dead?

So, friend of mine got all of his computer components today and as we agreed upon I put it together. Made sure to touch the case, do what I could to keep myself grounded etc. Was very careful handling all of the components.

I finished up the build, everything looked good. Started it up and everything appeared to be going, fans were all on, lights were on, CD-ROM drive functioning properly, HDD seems to be powered on, not sure whether or not it is functioning properly.

Basically, it all appeared to be working properly, and gave the initial beep on startup. However after that, the red LED that travels around the mobo as components are checked stopped at BOOTUP_DEVICE_LED and just remains there. In addition it gives 1 long then 4 short beeps, which according to the manual means hardware device failure, hardly specific enough to fix anything. Nothing at all shows up on the monitor.

It's an Asus P67 motherboard. Very concerned right now as he is expecting this build by tomorrow, not looking forward to telling him I may have fried is motherboard, I don't believe his mother will be too pleased with me either.

Would appreciate any help here and if it isn't a dead motherboard I will be incredibly happy. Also, I feel I should point out that I have searched this website and have already attempted everything listed in the computer won't boot thread.

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  1. The Mobo is not dead and working perfectly fine. The problem lies in the boot sequence in the BIOS or with the Boot devices mentioned there.
    Use a bootable disc in the ODD and set the ODD to be te first and only boot device.
    See if you can install the OS.
  2. This makes me very happy to hear, I'll be able to have the OS installation disc tomorrow and will report back. Really appreciate the fast response, you've given me hope :)
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