LG775 with 32gb of Mem

I'm currently looking to replace my current MB with one that can handle 32gb.
I run a hand full of vm's and alot of programs simultaneously I've looked and can only find 2 MB from Abit that offer that capacity.
However the not so stellar reviews from newegg have really shied me away.
If anyone knows of a LG775 MB that can handle that amount i would appreciate it.
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  1. I'm pretty sure there are none, as a while back I looked for one that I could use in the same situation... The ones that do support it don't use an Intel chipset, I think. But maybe newer boards do... I would suggest a full upgrade anyway... What do you want it for?
  2. Correct me if i'm wrong, those that mean my intel Q9400 processor wont be compatible with this board?
  3. it is compatible with this board...problem is it uses DDR2 rams which costs alot
  4. This MB supports DDR2 800 Un-buffered/ ECC or Non-ECC Memory, been looking online and can't seem to find a 8gb Module.
    Should i just come to a conclusion that one for that size was never made?
  5. In socket 775 (which is a single processor socket) I am really shocked to hear of a board that would support 32GB. In Socket 771 based boards which supports Intel® Xeon® 5100, 5200, 5300, and 5400 series processor, a number of these boards like the Intel S5000PSL would support 32GB or more of memory. The big problem is that all of these boards are discontinued.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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