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Hi guys! I need help choosing a new graphics card for my computer, i just bought it last year but it is not a gaming computer, so the graphics card isn't that good! So i was just wondering if you guys can help me choose an affordable graphics card that allows me to play med or high graphics with 40-60 fps? Currently if i play in LOW graphics, it runs 75-80 fps, med 20-25 fps, high 18-20, ultra 10-15fps. Here are my computer specs

and i think it has a PSU of 300! Sorry for the long question!
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  1. It's already got a Radeon 4350, otherwise you would have about a quarter of those framerates. A 5570 would be a nice upgrade, but I'm not sure if it would work on that psu. A second opinion would be nice.
  2. This review from July 2010 shows that Starcraft II favors Nvidia cards. At the time, AMD/ATI cards could not use AA settings, but that has probably been fixed by now.
    The great thing is, that a lower end card should be able to run the game well, as long as you adjust the settings and lower AA. Unfortunately, your PSU is holding you back. Too bad you can't cough up ~$80 for a new one.
  3. Hey thanks guys for the answers! I really appreciate it, i'll probably get one of those cards, GT240 or ATI 5670! Anyway thanks for taking your time to answer my questions, happy holidays to you guys!
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