New PC for Work and Plan

Ok, Its been a long time since I build my own PC so I'm looking to get back into it again and build a new one.

First off budget is about €800 excluding the monitor and windows 7 licence and mouse. (just bought a new g500)

I plan on using my computer for work, lots of applications open at once but none particularly excessive (photoshop being the most demanding, mostly coding tools)

I also use it for some gaming, e.g. COD, Starcraft etc.

One thing I do want to do eventually is get a really good monitor with hight resolution and maybe 27" so the graphics card needs to be able to make best use of that.

So a few questions

1) Is the bottle neck in performance mostly still the harddrives?

2) Aren't most processors e.g. i5 etc even i3 so far a head of other bottlenecks it makes litte difference the higher you go. Isn't the Graphics card dealing with heavy graphics so what really slows because of a slow CPU?

So from this my thinking is to get a SSD drive as my primary drive for OS etc and have loads of memory e.g. 6-8GB and a decent mid level graphics card?

It doesn't seem at my level worth spending much on CPU and any other parts really.

I basic parts off the top of my head

SSD Drive
SATA Drive
Power Supply
Cooling (fan?)
Graphics Card
Network Card


Am I missing anything?

I don't think I've used my CD/DVD drive in over a year. I think them and blueray etc are going to die out. USB flash memory and faster internet speeds make them redundant.

Any helpful tips or general education much appreciated.
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  1. what country are you from?
    you need a DVD drive to install windows and other software.
    and no dvd and bluray drives will be around for much longer and you will need them at some point.
  2. well as I just checked a DVD drive is only 30 odd quid so probably may as well put one in, but I do still think they are largely redundant. I'd rather not distract from my real questions though about building a PC.
  3. what sites do you prefer or would like your parts from?
  4. Case, Matter of personal preference
    Motherboard Asrock 870 Extreme 3
    CPU Phenom x4 955BE
    SSD Drive Crucial C300 64Gb
    SATA Drive Samsung spinpoint F3 1tb
    Power Supply 500W+ by Antec or corsair
    Memory 2x2Gb 4Gb DDR3 1333MHz or 1600MHz
    Cooling (fan?) If you are using for work I don't recommend overclocking so stock CPU fan is OK but get good fans for the case
    Graphics Card AMD 6850 you can add a second at a later date if you want
    Network Card built into motherboard
    Keyboard down to personal preference
    This should come out under your budget depending on tax in the country you are in if you have some spare euros upgrade the graphics to either a second 6850 or 6870 or 6950 depending on how much you have spare.
  5. Sorry I forgot if you do plan on adding a second graphics card get at least a 650W PSU
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