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Hi guys, I recently just got another 9800 GTX+ (EVGA) to SLI with my Asus 9800 GTX+. My motherboard is an xFx 780i SLI board (Tri-SLI capable), so I'm using the Tri-SLI bridge that came with the mobo. So, I've tested both cards individually in Lord of the Rings Online and they both perform well. However, when I put them in SLI, restart my computer (just to be sure), and play LOTRO on the same settings, I get the exact same FPS, however with more stuttering and hitching.

I thought that it may just be LOTRO, since it has been known to have SLI problems, so I tried out 3dmark06 with SLI disabled, then again enabled after a restart. I get exactly the same FPS with SLI enabled and disabled and I'm very confused.

I've updated drivers, searched all over the internet, but I can't figure it out. If anyone could help me out then I'd be very grateful. I have a hunch that the SLI bridge was damaged on it's way to me. I left it at home and had a friend send it to me at college, and it was only in an envelope. If anyone could point me into a troubleshooting direction before I buy another SLI bridge, then that would be great.

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  1. If SLi is enabled and the indicators are showing but there is no FPS increase then the bridge is the first thing I would suspect.
  2. ok great, that's what I was thinking. And yeah I forgot to mention that the SLI indicators do actually show up, so I think you're right.
  3. A new bridge should be fairly cheap but if it's a hard (PCB) type bridge it could have been damaged in transit if it wasn't packed properly.
  4. Yeah, I think that's what happened, cause it was the PCB tri-sli bridges. I spotted a bridge for like 5 bucks, so here's to hoping it works. Thanks for the help
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